Ten Grand in the Sand – This Weekend!

The excitement down at our Rochester shop is growing this week in anticipation of our big summer contest in conjunction with WHAM 1180 radio, which will take place this Saturday – September 11th.   We will hold our “10 Grand in the Sand” event at our main Rochester location at 3315 Chili Ave. in southwest Rochester, and we are expecting a great time!

With the chance to win $10,000, a Carnival Cruise or many other awesome prizes, we hope to see all the great people we serve every day up at our Chili Ave. location this weekend.   And even some of the event’s attendees who have not pre-registered will be allowed to participate in the contest and try for their chance to win.  All entrants of the contest will have their chance to dig through the sand to find a numbered coin – which corresponds to one of our many prizes, from movie tickets and Aquapel to a cruise or cash.

While this week’s weather may be less than ideal for a romp in the sand, with a $10,000 Grand Prize and some great consolation prizes,we hope this event will bring all our Rochester comrades for some end of summer fun and a chance to win big!


Protect Your Windshield with Clearplex Film

Windshield protection film is something a lot of people don’t even consider when it comes to protecting their investment in an automobile, mostly because they don’t know it exists.   Many drivers hear about windshield protection film at their local auto glass shop…after their windshield has been damaged.  And while replacing windshields is what keeps us in business, we hate to see our friends in the Rochester community spending money to correct preventable damage, and we don’t like having more non-recyclable waste glass to send to the landfill.

It may seem that a windshield protection product is most suitable for off road vehicles or high-end sports cars (which it is ideal for), but it’s becoming more popular with the general population – and for good reason.  Many of our Clearplex customers are lessees who plan on eventually returning their car to the dealership in good condition, or just those looking to preserve the resale value of their car.   When drivers encounter rocks and flying debris on the road, the impact is absorbed by the thick plastic layer and the glass underneath appears untouched. Continue reading

Fix Your Chips on June 12th

Ray Sands Glass is proud to be partnering with our friends at 92 WBEE, Today’s Country Station, to invite Rochester area residents to our Fix It Fast Festival!   The Bee’s own Newman will be joining us as host of the event, where we will be encouraging car owners to come in and get their minor windshield chips and nicks repaired FREE, before it turns into a larger problem.

The festival will take place on June 12th from 10am to noon, with a special offer on Aquapel rain repellent applications as well as the chip repairs.  You can come in and have the long-lasting windshield treatment applied by our own glass professionals for a special price of $9.25, with some of the proceeds from this service going to our local Goodwill organization.

We will also be accepting donations at the Fix It Fast Festival for Goodwill –  including clothing, small furniture and appliances, books and computers and anything that could be of use instead of eventually filling a landfill.  If you think that someone else could use it, Goodwill will probably take it!   So get rid of any useful items cluttering up your home and bring them down to Ray Sands Glass – you can enjoy some snack chips, fix you windshield chips and make a contribution to a worthy local charity, all while enjoying some great music and even better people.

Ray Sands Glass at The Lilac Festival

We wanted to let all of our Rochester area friends know that we will be at this year’s Lilac Festival, running from May 14 – 23, with a booth set up and all kinds of information to give out.  If you have been considering any residential window improvement – from residential film to removing fog that has developed inside the windows – you can discuss your issues with the experts.    You can book your job and get estimates while you are out celebrating this (hopefully) beautiful spring weather. Continue reading

Rochester and the Great Toyota Crisis

Ray Sands Glass wants to acknowledge a few of our Rochester area independent Toyota dealers, who have gone above and beyond their obligations, addressing the  recent recall in a quick and efficient manner to ensure the security of their customers.

With Toyota executives receiving nothing but bad press lately, it can be hard for consumers to separate the behavior of the corporate management from the local independent dealers and the product they promote.  Toyota has a longstanding reputation as an excellent and reliable automobile and we would hate to see this automaker fall the way of so many others recently. Continue reading

Auto Glass in Chili NY – A Brief History

Ray Sands Glass has been an enthusiastic member of the Rochester community for almost as long as anyone can remember.  Though the shop came from meager beginnings,  we have been fortunate to be able to build up our business with the support of the community we love.

Ray Sands began the company in the late 1940’s when he bought one of the first homes after the war and began auto glass work out of an old converted school bus which he parked next to his home near the Chili/Rochester border.   By 1961 Ray Sands was able to build the first auto glass shop at 3320 Chili Ave which was a simple one door garage that was two cars deep. Continue reading

Saving Big by Spending Smart

It is a sentiment echoed across the auto repair industry that proper care and maintenance of each part of the vehicle can extend the life of the parts and save money in the long run.  By taking care of necessary small repairs and maintenance promptly you can save on replacement of a more extensively damaged part.

This certainly applies to windshield repair, since small chips can turn into huge cracks quickly they need to be taken care of immediately.  The difference in cost between repair and replacement is considerable, especially to those in the Rochester, NY area who can come in for our free windshield repair.  For a donation of pet supplies, as little as five pounds of cat or dog food, Ray Sands Glass will repair damage to your windshield before you need a costly replacement.

Some people try to save on bargain gasoline or oil changes which is sometimes a good idea but car owners have to be smart about their choices.   Gasoline at outlet prices can be a big savings to those who commute a lot, but we would advise that every third tank should be high quality gas to “treat the car”.   When it comes to oil changes it would be wise to save by doing it yourself with high quality oil, rather than going to a shop for standard oil.  Unless you are working with a vehicle with very high mileage, it is best to use higher quality fluids to extend the life of the car.

When considering frequently replaced parts, like windshield wipers, you have to consider the life of the part.  One pair of more expensive “banana style” wipers per year is probably cheaper than three pair of the bargain brand which wear out much faster.  If you don’t have money at the moment, using less costly products won’t hurt – but it may cost more in the long run.