Continuing Education for Rochester’s Insurers

Ray Sands Glass will once again be offering Continuing Education courses this Spring and Summer for Rochester area insurance agents.  Insurance agents are required to earn credits each year to keep their licensing current, and those credits can be earned by completing the classes, either at the shop or online.  We hope to see all of our local friends in the insurance industry signing up promptly because the classes are filling up quick!

This year we will be offering two brand new courses, one in Windshield Repair and another for Windshield Adhesives and Proper Installation Technique, which we like to believe are our best (and most fascinating) courses.  These classes give the agents the information they need to be sure their customers are getting the best work, and makes them aware of the serious peril that can be placed upon unsuspecting drivers by bad auto glass work. Continue reading


Insured Are “In Good Hands”

It seems lately that about half the TV commercials and print ads are encouraging us to change our insurance company.   Most are familiar with the idea that we can compare prices from many different providers online or over the phone.  But many times the difference is really only a few dollars…annually.  How is one to know exactly what they will be getting when filing a claim.

As an auto repair company that works with insurance companies on a daily basis, we have gained some insight into how each provider treats their customers and the repair shops that do the work.  While there are a few that stand out among the crowd, one has made some recent changes that make the claims process and repairs easier on the customer. Continue reading

Choosing an Insurer, The Shop’s Point of View

Auto Insurance is big business, and now more than ever consumers are doing some serious shopping around when it comes to choosing an insurance company.  One thing that everyone is looking for is polite and courteous treatment by the company’s agents.   All companies are at their best when you’re calling around to shop for rates, but what will happen when you have a problem?  The best place to ask this question is at your local auto repair shop, since no other group of  people spend more time dealing with insurance companies and filing claims. Continue reading