All Revved Up For Auto Glass Week 2011

While the nearing of 2011’s auto glass week might not titillate the everyday consumer, this is one of the highlights of the year for those in the auto glass industry.  To us, it’s a great learning experience and a chance to find out about new ideas and catch up with old friends.

Getting together with other independent glass shops from around the country at Glass Week has often been inspirational to our business.  The ideas seem to flow freely amongst the like minded crowd, to the benefit of all who attend.  We often hear about new products and services that could benefit our customers or business practices that have been successful (or not so successful) in other auto glass companies.

Aside from the wealth of knowledge and experience of those who share our profession, we are also looking forward to finding out more about recent changes in the auto insurance industry.  With two major insurance companies having made adjustments to their polices related to the auto glass repair and replacment, we look forward to finding out more about how it will affect our customers.

The Independent Glass Association (IGA) will also be introducing their new software program, which our co-owner and IGA Board Member, Dave Burns is particularly excited about.  The new software could make the entire claims and repair process go more smoothly for everyone – even small to medium sized independent glass shops.

And while the Olympic competitions will be exciting to see, Ray Sands Glass generally doesn’t take part.  We wouldn’t want to send our best manpower out of town for the competition and jeopardize the efficiency of taking care of our customers back home.

But as Dave Burns said “We don’t need a competition to tells us that we have one of the most qualified and proficient auto glass teams in the country”


Dave Burns Elected to IGA Board

Ray Sands Glass is proud to announce the election of our very own Dave Burns to the Independent Glass Association’s Board of Directors.  With his extensive experience in the business and enthusiastic participation in the the independent glass community, we aren’t surprised that he was chosen for an organization with a proactive approach to preserving  the  industry.

The IGA, a non-profit trade association, works to protect consumers’ right to choose an auto glass provider, and to promote excellence in the independently owned glass shops around the nation.  By combining efforts, the IGA hopes to give a voice to small, local glass businesses, so that they are more able to compete with the national chains that seem to be taking over.  And since each member of the board owns or manages an independent glass shop, they are keenly aware of the issues and challenges that small business owners are facing in this fluctuating economy.

We are incredibly glad Dave has been chosen to be a representative in that shared voice of independent glass.  With his enthusiastic approach to protecting the rights of consumers and local business alike, we know they couldn’t have chosen a better advocate!