Residential Tinting – More Than Just Energy Savings

As we discussed in the last post, residential window tinting can be an effective way to save energy, which has become so important as people realize that the value of our energy goes beyond the dollar amount on our monthly bill.   But window film can have several benefits to the homeowner, outside of those offered by energy savings.

The solar reflection properties that help keep your energy bills lower, are also protecting your Cause of Fading Chartfurniture and flooring from the sun’s harmful rays.  The sun can often be more damaging to antiques, artwork and fine rugs than the wear and tear of everyday life.   The main causes of fading are shown in the chart to the left – and as you can see, solar energy sources account for a big chunk of the discoloration on some of our most valuable possessions.

Residential tinting film can also provide another type of protection that many people don’t consider a risk until it happens – home window breakage.  We expect a certain level of risk in car window breakage, that’s why the glass on your automobile is either tempered safety glass, or laminated windshield glass.  But most residential window glass is just like any other flat glass, when it breaks, it makes large shards and tiny glass splinters.

When applied to the inside of single or double pane windows residential films can help prevent these shards of the interior glass from scattering all over due to impact damage.  Whether the damage to the window was a kid’s home run ball or a loose branch in a storm, window film can prevent injury or material damage due to flying glass.   Home tinting film can also hold the glass together in case of intentional breakage, making it harder for anyone to maliciously gain access to your home without serious injury to themselves.

Residential window tinting provides a line of protection against everything from faded furniture to flying footballs, on top of the more familiar energy savings.   It’s a wonder more people don’t consider this one of the first options for residential window improvements – it can save your money, your belongings and maybe even your self!


Window Tinting at Home – Protection with No Need for Low-E

People often regard residential window tinting as they would applying foil to your windows –  it may keep the rays out, but it just doesn’t look nice.  Many neighborhood associations have even taken the step to set guidelines that prohibit residential tint.  But the truth is that putting film on your home’s windows can protect your home and save energy, without giving your home the mirrored sunglass look, or any look at all for that matter!

With a variety of films that are protective, yet invisible from the outside, even homeowners in communities with strict HOA policies have options for insulating and preserving without any change in appearance.  One of the most popular films lately is our optically clear, polyester based Hilite film series by Panorama, which has unbeatable protection while being virtually imperceptible – both indoors and out.  Hilite films provide even greater solar energy protection without the reflective quality of the old mirror films.

And people thinking about replacing their decent insulated window units with Low-E or even Argon gas filled windows, might look to residential film for a more efficient and economical solution.  Some films have solar energy rejection rates higher than those offered by any of the modern gas filled window types.  And with the natural insulation that another layer can give you (think plastic sheets over the windows), residential films can make a bigger dent in the amount of energy traveling in and out through you windows.

Your choice in films can make a big difference in the effect on energy savings, as some films can actually store tons of heat, making the windows less efficient than they were before.  If you are wondering which film might be right for your home, check out the information on our site or more detailed information about the Hilite film, provided by Panorama.

Greater Rochester Home Show

 Ray Sands Glass is excited to announce that we will also be participating in the Greater Rochester Home Show at the end of this month.  This is always a huge event, with dozens of local businesses exhibiting all their home related products and services.  There are displays for everything from interior design to outdoor recreation, and every type of home improvement.

  We will have an exhibit set up featuring all the products and services we have available for homeowners.  One of the services that always generates a lot of interest at the home shows is our residential window tinting.  Our top of the line Madico films can lower energy bills by blocking 100% of UV light, and help keep heat from escaping through windows in the winter.  It also helps protect your valuable personal belongings from the harmful effects of the sun, preventing UV damage to your rugs, fabrics, art and furniture.  The other added benefit of the energy savings is a 10% tax rebate from the federal government. Continue reading

Rochester Auto Show

Ray Sands Glass will be participating in the 2008 Rochester Auto Show all this week at the Riverside Convention Center. 

2008  Rochester Auto Show Schedule:
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 – 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Thursday, February 28, 2008- 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Friday, February 29, 2008- 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Saturday, March 1, 2008- 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday, March 2, 2008- 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

2008 Rochester Auto Show Admission Prices:
Adults: $8.00
Seniors: $6.00
Children under 12: $3.00
Children under 5: Free Continue reading

Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting Film is a product that has really gotten a bad name in the past, so a lot of people don’t even consider it.  When most of us think of window tinting on buildings we think of the type used on office buildings and skyscrapers  that give them that mirrored appearance during the day.

The old residential window film had a very reflective, metallized look to it, so understandably lots of private communities and condos don’t allow it.  But with new films there is no “mirror effect” at all and they can be almost colorless so they’re virtually invisible.  Continue reading

Window tinting

 Tinting the windows on your car has a lot of benefits when it is done right, but out on the road you see just about as many bad tint jobs as you do good ones.  One of the main problems is cheap dyed film, nobody will ever get a good, lasting tint job from cheap film.  It will either bubble up or turn purple, sometimes within just a few months of having the tinting film applied. 

 The better films are made with more advanced techniques which preserve the color, and better adhesives to prevent bubbling. We get a lot of customers in to have old purple film removed and replaced with a film that has a lifetime guarantee. Continue reading

Ray Sands Glass Employment Opportunity

We’re excited to have our very own blog where we can share good information with our customers, friends, and readers about what’s going on at Ray Sands Glass. We plan to keep you informed about changes in our hours, weekly and monthly internet specials, local press coverage, customer feedback and more.

Career Opportunity at Ray Sands Glass

We are actively interviewing for an auto glass tinting specialist. Prior experience is not a requirement, but is preferred. We are willing to train the right person.

Responsbilities include applying window tinting films to all makes and models of vehicles. Most work done in-house.

For consideration, please contact Dave Burns, president of Ray Sands Glass, or stop by our auto glass shop and fill out an appplication.