Windshield Chip and Scratch Repair is Serious Business

Windshield repair can be an incredible improvement to the aesthetics and structural integrity of your automobile.   When you incur a chip, crack or scratch out on the road it is reassuring to have the option of repair  instead of replacement, which can be a money saver and a “green” alternative.   These are the factors that motivate Ray Sands Glass to provide FREE windshield repair to customers in our Rochester community.

But not all windshield damage can be repaired, and we want customers to understand our intentions when we have to tell them that their glass must be replaced.    We can’t repeat this enough: the windshield is essential to your automobile’s frame strength. Those pieces of laminated glass are what keep your body inside in the event of a collision and prevent the roof from collapsing in the event of a rollover.  It makes us shudder to hear companies claim they can repair a crack up to a foot in length,  this is considered an unsafe practice by most auto makers and Ray Sands Glass agrees.

There isn’t a responsible insurance company or body shop out there that would tell it’s safe to repair a foot long crack in the auto body’s frame.  So why should the windshield be any different?  The truth is it shouldn’t.  The point of windshield repair is to fix the damage before it get large enough to jeopardize the roof support structure.  When an dubious repairman slathers some compound on a large crack, it has the general effectiveness of a piece of scotch tape – it looks better but doesn’t hold up under pressure, when you need it most.

So please reconsider if you are thinking about trying to save a few dollars by avoiding replacement with a treacherous repair.  It could be your life (or your passengers’) on the line!


Ten Grand in the Sand – A Big Hit

First, we have to thank all the great Rochester area folks for coming in for our contest event, and enjoying the lovely weather with us!  We had a great time thanks to you, and we hope you did, too.    We also want to give a big thank you to Jim Salmon and John Carr from 1180 WHAM radio for coming out to host the proceedings.

We had over 50 pre-registered contestants digging through the sand in hopes of finding the winning token.  With lots of families in attendance, this parking lot saw more bustling than it does on our busiest days!  Despite the fact that nobody won the $10,000 Grand Prize,  it really was a fabulous time rooting on our friends and customers.

Our big winner for the day was Annie, from the township of Holly – a lovely lady and a hometown gal, we were really glad to see her walk away with the consolation cash prize.    We wish her the best, as well as all our other Rochester friends who came down to the shop for some fun and excitement!

The Winner

Our Contest Winner

Looking for Ten Grand in the Sand

Ten Grand in the Sand – This Weekend!

The excitement down at our Rochester shop is growing this week in anticipation of our big summer contest in conjunction with WHAM 1180 radio, which will take place this Saturday – September 11th.   We will hold our “10 Grand in the Sand” event at our main Rochester location at 3315 Chili Ave. in southwest Rochester, and we are expecting a great time!

With the chance to win $10,000, a Carnival Cruise or many other awesome prizes, we hope to see all the great people we serve every day up at our Chili Ave. location this weekend.   And even some of the event’s attendees who have not pre-registered will be allowed to participate in the contest and try for their chance to win.  All entrants of the contest will have their chance to dig through the sand to find a numbered coin – which corresponds to one of our many prizes, from movie tickets and Aquapel to a cruise or cash.

While this week’s weather may be less than ideal for a romp in the sand, with a $10,000 Grand Prize and some great consolation prizes,we hope this event will bring all our Rochester comrades for some end of summer fun and a chance to win big!

Win $10,000 in the Sand with Ray Sands Glass

Ray Sand Glass is excited to announce our summer contest “10 Grand in the Sand with Ray Sands” in conjunction with WHAM 1180.  The contest gives all of our customers and friends in the Rochester area,  a chance to win $10,000 dollars, a Carnival Cruise or a variety of other great runner-up prizes.   Our final drawing will take place on September 11, 2010, in an event held here at the Rochester location of Ray Sands Glass.

Before the day of the contest event we will randomly select about a hundred contestants from all the entries submitted to come down and participate in the event.  At the event contestants will hunt for a token buried in the sand and select one that is numbered from 1 to 100.  After each contestant has drawn a number they will take the envelope that corresponds to the token they selected and see which prize is inside – each contestant will receive a prize. The grand prize winner (one of the hundred tokens, chosen and appointed before the drawing) will have a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize, a Carnival Cruise or a selection of other consolation prizes.

For people interested in finding out more information, the contest will be featured on Jim Salmon’s Home Repair Clinic radio show.  We hope to see all of friends in the Rochester area registering online at Ray Sands – all customers who do business with us are automatically entered.  There are some great prizes to be won and some great fun to be had down at our Chili Ave. shop on September 11th.

Protect Your Windshield with Clearplex Film

Windshield protection film is something a lot of people don’t even consider when it comes to protecting their investment in an automobile, mostly because they don’t know it exists.   Many drivers hear about windshield protection film at their local auto glass shop…after their windshield has been damaged.  And while replacing windshields is what keeps us in business, we hate to see our friends in the Rochester community spending money to correct preventable damage, and we don’t like having more non-recyclable waste glass to send to the landfill.

It may seem that a windshield protection product is most suitable for off road vehicles or high-end sports cars (which it is ideal for), but it’s becoming more popular with the general population – and for good reason.  Many of our Clearplex customers are lessees who plan on eventually returning their car to the dealership in good condition, or just those looking to preserve the resale value of their car.   When drivers encounter rocks and flying debris on the road, the impact is absorbed by the thick plastic layer and the glass underneath appears untouched. Continue reading

Windshield Chip, Scratch and Crack Repair

Ray Sands Glass loves windshield repair.  Not just because it’s our job, or that it makes damaged glass beautiful again.  It’s because it helps our friends in the Rochester community save money, and it is, by nature, the green alternative.  We believe that being green is an essential part of what makes a business an asset to its community, and this belief has motivated us to make a lot of changes around the shop and provide free repair to our customers – so they don’t wait until the damage becomes too extensive.

But we want customers to understand that not all damage can be repaired, and the limitations are dictated mostly by safety.  As a general rule, damage that cannot be covered by a quarter cannot be repaired, but there are some exceptions to this guideline.   Some smaller damage can be too extensive, or even too slight for repair.

A scratch on your auto glass can be an eyesore as well as an obstruction in your line of vision when driving.  And while light scratches can be fixed, the rule of thumb states that if you can feel it with you fingernail, it cannot be repaired.   The opposite idea applies to small nicks in the glass, often caused by flying highway debris, which can be too slight to affect the structure of the windshield or to fix aesthetically.

But even if you have doubts about whether or not your windshield damage could be beyond repair  we encourage all our friends in Rochester to come on in to the shop on June 12th.  We can take a look at it and if it is fixable we will do the repairs FREE on the spot.   If not we can schedule a replacement, either down at our shop, or at your home or office!   And remember this event is for charity so clean out those closets and storage spaces and come on in!

Fix Your Chips on June 12th

Ray Sands Glass is proud to be partnering with our friends at 92 WBEE, Today’s Country Station, to invite Rochester area residents to our Fix It Fast Festival!   The Bee’s own Newman will be joining us as host of the event, where we will be encouraging car owners to come in and get their minor windshield chips and nicks repaired FREE, before it turns into a larger problem.

The festival will take place on June 12th from 10am to noon, with a special offer on Aquapel rain repellent applications as well as the chip repairs.  You can come in and have the long-lasting windshield treatment applied by our own glass professionals for a special price of $9.25, with some of the proceeds from this service going to our local Goodwill organization.

We will also be accepting donations at the Fix It Fast Festival for Goodwill –  including clothing, small furniture and appliances, books and computers and anything that could be of use instead of eventually filling a landfill.  If you think that someone else could use it, Goodwill will probably take it!   So get rid of any useful items cluttering up your home and bring them down to Ray Sands Glass – you can enjoy some snack chips, fix you windshield chips and make a contribution to a worthy local charity, all while enjoying some great music and even better people.