How Much Do You Know About Paintless Dent Repair?

  While paintless dent repair has always been popular with dealers and auctions, many consumers still go to the body shop when they get a large dent.  But paintless dent repair is much more budget friendly and often times a lot faster than traditional body work, because we use a completely different process.  Instead of the sanding, spraying and welding used in traditional body work, we use tools of various shapes and sizes to reshape the dent from the inside out.

  This is why experience is the most important factor in choosing the shop and technician to perform your paintless dent repair.  This type of dent repair is much more of an art than a science.  Different makes, models and years of cars are made of different body materials in a range of thickness and strength.  All those things and the location of the dent on the car factor into which tools you would use as well as angle, force and placement of the tools. Continue reading