2011 Rochester Home and Garden Show

Ray Sands Glass is excited for the Rochester Home and Garden Show next weekend, March 26th and 27th at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.  We have lots of great residential services to discuss this year for your home’s windows and other interior glass as well.

This year we have seen a lot of interest in our residential window film, with people becoming more aware of the amount of energy being exchanged through their windows.  Some are looking to keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays, and some to reduce their monthly energy bills (and therefore their carbon footprint.)  Whatever their motivation, we are delighted at the opportunity to discuss the benefits of residential window film, answer questions and show off some of our most popular home products!

Another residential window improvement service that we have seen a growing interest in, is our “Get the Fog Out”  window restoration process.  This technique clears the existing window of moisture and uses specially made valves to prevent future moisture buildup, while preserving the insulation value of a double pane window.  All without the hassle, expense or wasted glass of  of a window pane replacement.

This year we will also be presenting a display of some of our work with framed and custom mirrors, which we haven’t featured at home shows in the past.  But we have really enjoyed this more artistic aspect of working with glass, and some of our recent projects show how fun and beautiful it can be to think outside the box!

And of course we will be exploring some of the home uses for Aquapel, everyone’s favorite water repellent for glass ,on exterior windows and glass shower doors.

So while you are out next weekend perusing the variety of home improvements, don’t forget about your windows!  Hope to see you there!


Residential and Decorative Glass – Customer Reviews

Just wanted to share some of the really nice letters we have gotten from some customers we did work for over the summer.

I would like to send along appreciation for the installation of the “Aspen” decorative glass for our front door…  Not only does the product look good in its setting, but it conveys the light through the door while offering privacy.

Further, the installers, Tony and Chris, were friendly and congenial as well as doing an excellent job.

Good product, good service; hope you have success with this product line.

– Daniel

Ray Sands Glass:

Thank you for the expert work on our solar room glass.  We are very happy with the results.  We called several businesses that specialize in solar rooms and no one would even come to our home to give an estimate.  They said that if they didn’t originally install it, they wouldn’t come out.  Your company did and the end product is exceptional.

I want to particularly thank Jesse and Gary who worked diligently and made the difficult work look easy.  They left the paneled areas shining clean.  I would highly recommend Jesse and Gary for any job that I needed in glass repair.

Thanks again for a job which was better than “well done”.

– Darla and Mike

And thanks to Daniel, Darla and Mike – we always appreciate feedback from customers.  If you have had auto glass, residential glass or decorative glass services from Ray Sands Glass, please let us know about your experience.  Customer reviews are what help us keep on top of our service standards,  which is what makes us the top glass service company in the Rochester area.

Decorative Door Glass

We are excited to announce that Ray Sands Glass will now be offering decorative glass door lights, transoms, side lights and decorative windows.  We have partnered up with PPG Auto Glass and Western Reflections a company the specializes in the manufacturing of superior decorative glass.  This partnership between other small glass shops and a large manufacturer of high quality decorative glass allows Ray Sands Glass to provide its customers with a high quality product at competitive prices.

  This comes at a great time – when the real estate market has taken a hard hit and people are really looking for creative way to make their home stand out.  Nothing is as lasting as the first impression and decorative glass can really make a striking entrance to a home.  The natural light and designs – from elaborate floral to simple patterns – can add an air of elegance to any home.  The decorative windows can be designed to match any door light, and are a beautiful way to update the old glass block windows while still allowing natural light in and retaining privacy. Continue reading