See You at The Finger Lakes Riesling Festival!

Ray Sands Glass is getting excited about this year’s Riesling Festival, which will take place this weekend (Saturday and Sunday from 10a-5p) at the Lakeshore Drive and Pier in Canandaigua.   And this, the third annual event promises to be the best ever!  Despite the name, the Finger Lakes Riesling Festival is not just for adults.  There will be fun for the whole family – with a bounce house for the little ones, a 5K for the more athletic, Sunday’s car show (a personal favorite) and of course, an abundance of wonderful local wines and beers for your sampling pleasure!

Not only does the event have great drinks and tasty treats, but they are raising money for a great cause!  Last year the festival was able to raise over $31,000 to benefit the Canandaigua Family YMCA, which uses the funds to help sponsor those who might otherwise be unable to take advantage of their services. Continue reading


Replacing Antique and Classic Car Auto Glass

With the sun showing it’s face, many classic car enthusiasts are rushing to get their most precious antique in mint condition before spring arrives.  Often though, owners have damaged glass that is keeping their fine specimen of an automobile from looking it’s best.

Any number of things can go wrong when you are talking about glass that is 40,60 sometimes 80 years old.  Some of these cars have been through a dozen owners and inevitably someone along the line has scratched the glass.  From body work accidents to old belt moldings to someone cleaning it with steel wool, rarely does a car make it five decades without glass damage.  Sometimes age can even cause the glass to delaminate, where the inner and outer layers of glass separate from the polyvinyl laminate layer that holds them together, which is quite unsightly. Continue reading