PAYD Insurance – What Do You Think?

PAYD, or Pay As You Drive Insurance seems to be a trend amongst insurance carriers, and we wanted to find out how our readers feel about this new way to pay.

PAYD insurance adjusts drivers’ insurance rates based on the number of miles driven, and sometimes other factors, giving discounts to those drivers that cover fewer miles, and also giving high mileage drivers higher rates.  This provides an even greater incentive to cut down on mileage (as if the gas prices aren’t enough) which is always good for the environment, but how should those miles be tracked?

There are currently many different tracking devices on the market that record a variety of driver data.  Some track only miles driven, with a device that records the odometer reading and sends the reading directly to the insurance company.  Others can create much more detailed reports that include times of day that miles are driven or speed and distance driven in any given trip, even GPS location.

Right now all the pay as you drive programs available in the US  are optional, so no one is required to submit to a tracking device in order to get insurance, but companies offer considerable discounts for those who opt into such insurance plans.  This is great for those groups who are generally careful drivers.  You and your spouse could save bundles with a pay how you drive plan, but you might want to reconsider if you have teenage drivers who tend to drive faster and brake harder.

So what do you think?  Is it worth giving up another bit of your privacy, in this increasingly public world, or would you rather just pay an averaged rate, and be grouped in with all other drivers?


All Revved Up For Auto Glass Week 2011

While the nearing of 2011’s auto glass week might not titillate the everyday consumer, this is one of the highlights of the year for those in the auto glass industry.  To us, it’s a great learning experience and a chance to find out about new ideas and catch up with old friends.

Getting together with other independent glass shops from around the country at Glass Week has often been inspirational to our business.  The ideas seem to flow freely amongst the like minded crowd, to the benefit of all who attend.  We often hear about new products and services that could benefit our customers or business practices that have been successful (or not so successful) in other auto glass companies.

Aside from the wealth of knowledge and experience of those who share our profession, we are also looking forward to finding out more about recent changes in the auto insurance industry.  With two major insurance companies having made adjustments to their polices related to the auto glass repair and replacment, we look forward to finding out more about how it will affect our customers.

The Independent Glass Association (IGA) will also be introducing their new software program, which our co-owner and IGA Board Member, Dave Burns is particularly excited about.  The new software could make the entire claims and repair process go more smoothly for everyone – even small to medium sized independent glass shops.

And while the Olympic competitions will be exciting to see, Ray Sands Glass generally doesn’t take part.  We wouldn’t want to send our best manpower out of town for the competition and jeopardize the efficiency of taking care of our customers back home.

But as Dave Burns said “We don’t need a competition to tells us that we have one of the most qualified and proficient auto glass teams in the country”

Negligent Repairmen Can Make Trouble For Unknowing Car Owners

Imagine you are at home, vehicle in the driveway, and someone rings the doorbell to inform you that they happened to notice that your windshield is dangerously in need of replacement – even when there isn’t apparent damage.  So many folks are shocked and frightened at the safety issues implied by the apparently knowledgeable glass technician, that they hand over their auto insurance card, and sign off on the replacement.

Unfortunately, most of the windshield replacement “technicians” who perpetrate these types of scams are completely unqualified, and use substandard  adhesives and cheap or used glass.   They are blatantly victimizing car owners by removing their factory windshield (which is ideal for safety), and replacing it with an unsafe product.  Not only are the insured being conned into defrauding their own insurance company – they are doing so to their own detriment. Continue reading

The Best Auto Glass for the Best Windshield Replacement

Everyone one knows that the best fit for any car’s windshield is the original glass that was installed when the car was manufactured.  Since life happens, it’s often not an option to keep the automobile’s original glass.  Fortunately, there is a best alternative – replacement glass made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM Glass.

Many people don’t realize that when auto makers are designing and testing vehicles, the OEM glass manufacturers are intrinsically involved in the entire process.  OEM glass companies such as PPG, Carlite and Pilkington  go through the research and development process of each automobile with the maker.    And while some aftermarket glass companies make a decent quality product, it most often isn’t a product that has been crash tested in your vehicle.  While OEM companies are working with auto makers to meet their exact safety and stress specifications, aftermarket companies are only required to meet a basic standard.   Continue reading

Continuing Education for Rochester’s Insurers

Ray Sands Glass will once again be offering Continuing Education courses this Spring and Summer for Rochester area insurance agents.  Insurance agents are required to earn credits each year to keep their licensing current, and those credits can be earned by completing the classes, either at the shop or online.  We hope to see all of our local friends in the insurance industry signing up promptly because the classes are filling up quick!

This year we will be offering two brand new courses, one in Windshield Repair and another for Windshield Adhesives and Proper Installation Technique, which we like to believe are our best (and most fascinating) courses.  These classes give the agents the information they need to be sure their customers are getting the best work, and makes them aware of the serious peril that can be placed upon unsuspecting drivers by bad auto glass work. Continue reading

Insured Are “In Good Hands”

It seems lately that about half the TV commercials and print ads are encouraging us to change our insurance company.   Most are familiar with the idea that we can compare prices from many different providers online or over the phone.  But many times the difference is really only a few dollars…annually.  How is one to know exactly what they will be getting when filing a claim.

As an auto repair company that works with insurance companies on a daily basis, we have gained some insight into how each provider treats their customers and the repair shops that do the work.  While there are a few that stand out among the crowd, one has made some recent changes that make the claims process and repairs easier on the customer. Continue reading