You Used What as an Ice Scraper?!

We have seen some serious self inflicted windshield damage caused by customers who got got creative with improvised ice removal.  And we know that nobody likes paying to replace their windshield, but it’s all the more agonizing when it is damage that could have so easily been avoided.  Today we’ll give you some of the the good, the bad and the ugly that we have seen here at the shop.

The Good:  Honestly, the only thing we would recommend using to remove ice from your windshield is an ice scraper.   While this doesn’t help in a pinch, you should get one now and keep it in your vehicle, before you find yourself in a pickle.  Another preemptive strike you might make against the ice is an application of Aquapel, which would keep the ice from sticking so firmly in the first place.  But if you find yourself unprepared and facing in impossibly icy windshield, just be patient and run the defroster to melt the ice slowly – those few minutes aren’t likely to cost you more than a new windshield.

The Bad:  Upon searching the internet, we were surprised to find many sites that recommend using your credit card, which is actually a terrible idea.  We have replaced more than a few pieces of auto glass that were damaged by using a credit card as an improvised ice removal tool.  Not only could you cost yourself a replacement, but you might end up paying for it the old fashioned way, since the ice can destroy the magnetic strip on the card and render it unusable.

The Ugly: We have heard some pretty awful ideas for improvised ice scrapers from crushed soda cans and coffee cup lids to CDs and old license plates (ouch!).  We have even seen people who used a hammer to break the ice (and the windshield) or a screwdriver to chisel at it – all simply dreadful techniques for ice removal.

If you find yourself in and “iced over” situation without a scraper remember – just defrost to avoid the cost!


Aquapel FAQ – Answers to Your Glass Treatment Questions

The incessant rains this time of year may ruin your picnic plans, but don’t let it inhibit your visibility while driving.  Get home safe and sound – no matter the conditions outside.  Aquapel rain repellent glass treatment can help you see clearly and drive safely in inclement weather.   Since so many people are unfamiliar with what Aquapel does and how it is different from other rain repellent automotive products – we wanted to share the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Aquapel work?

Unlike Rain-X and other silicone based “surface products”, which create a film layer over the glass  – Aquapel Glass Treatment creates a chemical bond with the glass, producing a more water repellent glass surface. Not only does this make the product much longer lasting, it means the product won’t wear off of the windshield and stick to your paint and wipers.
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Spring has Sprung – Time to Give Your Ride a Check-Up

Spring is one of the most popular times of year for people to perform many of their annual auto maintenance tasks.  While you are out in the garage checking air filters and tire pressure, or taking it to the shop to change out belts or fluids – don’t forget about the glass!  After all, there is no other part of your car that you spend as much time looking at (or through)!

Applying Aquapel is one of he simplest of those semi-annual tasks and also one of the best ways to protect your visibility during the severe spring storms that seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times.  Especially during those heavy rains where it doesn’t seem the wipers can go fast enough!  While Aquapel can’t protect you from high water or flash floods – at least you’ll be able to see what’s ahead before you’re waist deep in it!
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Aquapel. High-Tech Anti-Fog Windshield Treatment?

This time of year many people find themselves rushing out the door in the morning, only to see that their vehicle currently resembles an igloo with rear view mirrors.   Then one must choose which is the lesser of two evils: wasting gas and warming up the car, or standing in the cold and scraping away at all the windows – and usually do both.

Fortunately, there is another option!   Aquapel can help prevent ice and fog on your windshield from ever forming.  Since Aquapel chemically bonds to the glass, it lasts much longer than the typical silicone layer treatments like Rain X – so you aren’t stuck out in the cold trying to apply a product every few weeks.  If you apply your Aquapel now, it will last through the snowy months without streaking up from wipers and snow brushes.

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Don’t Let Your Vehicle Leave You Out In The Cold

I hate to say it, but winter is right around the corner.  Just as we prepare ourselves by switching our clothes in the closets, cutting wood for the fireplace, and making sure our furnace is in working order, we need to get our vehicle ready for the winter months too.   

Follow these simple steps to ensure your vehicle doesn’t leave you out in the cold this winter:

  1. Get an oil change and top off all fluids, brake fluid, antifreeze, washer fluid, etc.  Get a tune up. 
  2. Check your lights: head lights, tail lights, turn signals, etc. check them all!
  3. Most wiper blades last one year.  If you haven’t changed yours recently, now is the time. 
  4. Check your tires to be sure the air pressure is where it needs to be for your tires and get them rotated if it’s been awhile.  If you have snow tires, it’s time to start thinking about putting them on.
  5. Consider having an Aquapel treatment applied to your windshield as it makes it easier to clear ice and snow from your windshield. Also consider waxing your car as it will protect your vehicle’s paint/clear coat finish and makes it easier to wash off dirt and salt during the winter months.
  6. Check your battery making sure the posts and connectors are free of corrosion. 
  7. Put an emergency kit in your truck.  Make sure it includes, at the very minimum, a  blanket, flashlight with working batteries, pocket warmers, and flares.  We also suggest you keep an extra set of boots and warm clothes, high energy bars, hard candy, and a small shovel, just in case.  
  8. Remember to keep your gas tank at least half full.  You never now when you may get stuck in traffic. 

I realize that these steps may sound like a hassle; however, they can be a lifesaver in the winter months.  A little preparation now, can save you big headaches down the road.  

Stay safe!

Win $10,000 in the Sand with Ray Sands Glass

Ray Sand Glass is excited to announce our summer contest “10 Grand in the Sand with Ray Sands” in conjunction with WHAM 1180.  The contest gives all of our customers and friends in the Rochester area,  a chance to win $10,000 dollars, a Carnival Cruise or a variety of other great runner-up prizes.   Our final drawing will take place on September 11, 2010, in an event held here at the Rochester location of Ray Sands Glass.

Before the day of the contest event we will randomly select about a hundred contestants from all the entries submitted to come down and participate in the event.  At the event contestants will hunt for a token buried in the sand and select one that is numbered from 1 to 100.  After each contestant has drawn a number they will take the envelope that corresponds to the token they selected and see which prize is inside – each contestant will receive a prize. The grand prize winner (one of the hundred tokens, chosen and appointed before the drawing) will have a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize, a Carnival Cruise or a selection of other consolation prizes.

For people interested in finding out more information, the contest will be featured on Jim Salmon’s Home Repair Clinic radio show.  We hope to see all of friends in the Rochester area registering online at Ray Sands – all customers who do business with us are automatically entered.  There are some great prizes to be won and some great fun to be had down at our Chili Ave. shop on September 11th.

Ray Sands Glass at The Lilac Festival

We wanted to let all of our Rochester area friends know that we will be at this year’s Lilac Festival, running from May 14 – 23, with a booth set up and all kinds of information to give out.  If you have been considering any residential window improvement – from residential film to removing fog that has developed inside the windows – you can discuss your issues with the experts.    You can book your job and get estimates while you are out celebrating this (hopefully) beautiful spring weather. Continue reading