Aquapel Glass Treatment

Aquapel® Glass Treatment improves a driver’s ability to see clearly and drive safer. This innovative technology is a long-lasting windshield rain repellent that:

Rain beads up and rolls off.
Snow and ice are easier to remove.
Bugs and tree sap can be cleaned off glass with less difficulty.

What makes Aquapel® different?

Aquapel Glass Treatment, developed by PPG Industries,  forms a chemical bond with the glass for a longer lasting affect.  Unlike other commercial rain repellents that can wash away in a matter of hours, one treatment lasts for months under normal use.  Aquapel® Glass Treatment can be applied in minutes.

For a limited time only!
Buy Two Aquapel Glass Treatments at regular price and get One FREE!


5 Responses

  1. Aquapel is an unbelievable product. I was skeptical, but ordered some from Ray Sands Glass. It works beyond expections. Seven months and still working!! I have ordered more and my son is also sold on it. Gave him my old car with it applied. His friend drove the car and then asked ” What is on your windshield, I have to have some.”

    Great customer service from Ray Sands, I wouldn’t order from anywhere else.

    Gerald Brolley
    Perkinsfield, Ontario, Canada

  2. want to know if your product can be used on motorcycles?? windshield isPOLYCARBONATE

  3. Do you know if Aqualpel will damage the travertine tile in my shower if I apply it to the glass enclosure?

    • No, Aquapel will not damage tile when applied to a glass enclosure. We have actually had several customer who applied Aquapel directly to the tile and have reported that it made the tile easier to clean and inhibited mold and mildew growth, without any visible difference in the tile. We are inclined to believe this is very true, since there is a product chemically similar to Aquapel that is used to protect horizontal concrete outdoors. Unlike Rain-X or other silicone based products, Aquapel does not create a film that can wear off, so you won’t end up with an accumulation in the higher water flow areas.

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