Can This Windshield Crack Be Repaired?

When it comes to cracks in a windshield the answer can be a bit trickier than when dealing with just a chip.   There are many widely differing opinions on the limits of windshield crack can be repair, but remember that safety should be the number one concern when considering the answers for yourself.  Anyone who has cut glass knows that the most common method for doing so is to etch the glass and then apply pressure – but how big of a crack would be safe in your windshield when under pressure?

While we generally would give the same size related answer – that if you can cover it with a quarter it can be repaired.   But even determining the size of a crack can be difficult, since we often find that the crack is much longer than it appears to the untrained eye.

The location of the damage also plays a big part in determining whether damage can be repaired.  Since clear sight is essential for safe driving we don’t like to do repairs in the direct sight line of the driver.  Though the repair will restore the integrity and stops cracks from spreading, even make the damage virtually invisible from the outside, repaired glass isn’t immaculately flawless from the inside.  It would sort of look like you had a permanent smashed bug spot right in the middle of your line of vision – a potentially unsafe distraction.

Many people don’t even give it a thought, but the windshield is what keeps the airbag between your face and the steering wheel and holds up the roof of the car.  When a windshield is less than stable, the airbag may not function properly or in rollover accidents, a weakened windshield may compromise the structural integrity of the passenger compartment.

Our customer’s safety is always our number one concern.  We repair small damage to make the window safe and to prevent the cracks  from spreading.  But for larger, more complicated cracks we recommend a windshield replacement, for safety’s sake!


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