Is Your Lake Home Feeling the Effects of the Sun?

Everyone who has owned a lakefront home here in western New York knows that a beautiful sunny day makes you remember why you love being there. But it’s that lovely lakeside sunshine that can seriously damage the personal treasures inside your home.   The powerful UV rays are just as harmful to your furnishings and antiques as they are to your skin, and traditional window glass doesn’t do much to stop it.

We have found in our work on waterfront homes that they often provide shining examples of the potential for sun damage to flooring, walls and furniture.   An area of concern unique to waterfront window and door areas is sun damage to the ceilings, even in homes that have sun protection from overhead awnings.  The reflected sunlight from the glimmering water in the summer and the expanse of snow and ice in the winter can cause discoloration of paint or, over time, destruction of the ceiling materials.

Residential window film is one of the most effective ways to put a stop to this type of damage, since it covers the entire glass surface.  Residential “tint” film can provide superior protection, while virtually invisible both inside and out.  One of our most popular residential films on area lake homes is the HiLite 70, which provides protection from 99% of UV rays, with extremely low visual reflection, so there isn’t any mirror effect to those viewing your home from the lake.

For people looking for a little more privacy from their window film, we would generally recommend a dual reflective film such as the slate which gives a very slight tint from the inside and a mild reflective finish on the outside.  This type of window tint gives more protection from the glare, so there isn’t any need to cover the windows, and your magnificent views, during certain times of the day.

For those who live in their New York lakefront homes year round, through these sometimes brutal winters, we have a residential tint film that provides outstanding UV protection as well as significantly more insulation value.  The Silver AG 50 Low-Emissivity film helps reduce energy bills year round, by keeping the heat out in the summer and in during winter, while letting in more visible light that most other Low-E films – which keeps more lights off as well!

Contact us to find out more about which protective film is right for you lakefront home!


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