Ray Sands Glass Works With Genesee Country Village Museum

As many Western New Yorkers know, the Genesee Country Village and Museum is one of our much beloved local treasures – our very own bit of history.  GCV&M  is a full living history of a 19th century village, complete with over 50 authentically restored buildings, and live interactive programs that educate children and adults alike with a hands on approach to history.

We recently had an opportunity to work with GCV&M, which was really an honor for us, because Ray Sands Glass has a special appreciation for this live museum, not just for the dynamic live history lesson, but for a bit of personal history located amongst it artifacts!  The father of owners Dave and Frank Burns was born in one of the buildings currently used for live demonstrations, even had his tonsils removed by the local doctor at the table  inside!

The Village and Museum recently contacted our company with their concerns regarding a new exhibit of rare antique duck decoys – which they intended to display in the south facing side of their nature center.Unfortunately, the sun exposure on that side of the building put the decoys in direct threat of serious sun damage.

We consulted with museum staff to assess their unique situation and the potential for sun damage to their precious antiques.  All factors considered, we recommended a film with high UV reflection – but one that would not create an actual mirror that might compel the birds that make homes in the protected sanctuary to defend themselves against their own reflections.

For the protection and appearance that was needed we decided on the HiLite 70 SolarGuard film from the Panorama Series by Bakaert.   This film rejects 99% of the damaging  UV rays and is virtually invisible to the naked eye, which is great not only for the birds, but for the patrons who wish to observe them!

We were able to install the film in one day, and the museum is now able to display any rare antiques and collections without having to worry about the potential for destroying the priceless artifacts.  So stop by the Genesse Country Village and Museum to see the antique decoy display and experience life in the 1800’s, or check out the news coverage of our work there from Rochester’s Channel 8!


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