Aquapel FAQ – Answers to Your Glass Treatment Questions

The incessant rains this time of year may ruin your picnic plans, but don’t let it inhibit your visibility while driving.  Get home safe and sound – no matter the conditions outside.  Aquapel rain repellent glass treatment can help you see clearly and drive safely in inclement weather.   Since so many people are unfamiliar with what Aquapel does and how it is different from other rain repellent automotive products – we wanted to share the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Aquapel work?

Unlike Rain-X and other silicone based “surface products”, which create a film layer over the glass  – Aquapel Glass Treatment creates a chemical bond with the glass, producing a more water repellent glass surface. Not only does this make the product much longer lasting, it means the product won’t wear off of the windshield and stick to your paint and wipers.

How should  Aquapel be applied to the glass?

While many think Aquapel is only available as a professional service – that ISN’T the case!  You can apply this product at home to your own automobile.  We have another post that explains the application process, step by step, but we will lay out the basics here:

Start with a clean windshield in moderate temperature.  Squeeze wings on prepackaged applicator until you feel the interior capsule burst.  Once the product has saturated the applicator pad, you can begin applying it to the glass in long, even horizontal motions – we recommend one half of the windshield at a time.  Then immediately remove the product with a clean paper towel.

There should be enough in each applicator to repeat the process over the direct line of sight (windshield wiper) area as well as the front side windows.

Where can I buy Aquapel for home application?

You can order Aquapel shipped to your home directly from Ray Sands Glass by following the link and selecting your country and the number of self contained applicators you would like to order.  You can order up to 24 applications through our website or call us at 585-889-2876  for larger orders.

What can Aquapel water repellent be used on?

Any glass or ceramic surface that gets wet!  Not only all of your auto glass surfaces, but shower doors and ceramic tiles and those hard to clean exterior windows.  But under no circumstances should you apply Aquapel to plexi-glass or any type of plasticas it could permanently damage the surface.

If there are any more unanswered questions about Aquapel or other hydrophobic products, please post them in the comments below.


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