Spring has Sprung – Time to Give Your Ride a Check-Up

Spring is one of the most popular times of year for people to perform many of their annual auto maintenance tasks.  While you are out in the garage checking air filters and tire pressure, or taking it to the shop to change out belts or fluids – don’t forget about the glass!  After all, there is no other part of your car that you spend as much time looking at (or through)!

Applying Aquapel is one of he simplest of those semi-annual tasks and also one of the best ways to protect your visibility during the severe spring storms that seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times.  Especially during those heavy rains where it doesn’t seem the wipers can go fast enough!  While Aquapel can’t protect you from high water or flash floods – at least you’ll be able to see what’s ahead before you’re waist deep in it!

Unfortunately, Aquapel alone is not enough.  You must have decent quality windshield wipers in working order to maintain proper visibility – insufficient visibility can make you a danger to yourself and others.  You should replace wipers at least every year – even if they seem to be clearing the water, there are other signs that your wipers need replacing.  If you take a close look and the wiper blade has lost it’s shiny black appearance and now looks gray and dull this means the rubber is degrading.   Old rubber can also start to harden – those streaks caused by your wipers could turn into permanent etching on your windshield and cost you a lot more than replacement blades.  If the wiper blade doesn’t feel soft and smooth to the touch, it’s time to throw it out!

While you are examining your wipers take a close look at the windshield glass – often rock chips that happen in the winter can go unnoticed with all the other messy road debris that ends up on our vehicles.  Spring is a great time to come in and see us to get that damage repaired before it turns into a crack.  So many times we have seen someone with a few small chips and nicks go over one big pothole (I know we’ve got plenty) and it’s suddenly “connect the dots” on their windshield.  When something like that happens, what could have been a FREE repair turns into a costly and wasteful replacement!  Come see us today, we’ll help save your glass!

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