Window Tinting at Home – Protection with No Need for Low-E

People often regard residential window tinting as they would applying foil to your windows –  it may keep the rays out, but it just doesn’t look nice.  Many neighborhood associations have even taken the step to set guidelines that prohibit residential tint.  But the truth is that putting film on your home’s windows can protect your home and save energy, without giving your home the mirrored sunglass look, or any look at all for that matter!

With a variety of films that are protective, yet invisible from the outside, even homeowners in communities with strict HOA policies have options for insulating and preserving without any change in appearance.  One of the most popular films lately is our optically clear, polyester based Hilite film series by Panorama, which has unbeatable protection while being virtually imperceptible – both indoors and out.  Hilite films provide even greater solar energy protection without the reflective quality of the old mirror films.

And people thinking about replacing their decent insulated window units with Low-E or even Argon gas filled windows, might look to residential film for a more efficient and economical solution.  Some films have solar energy rejection rates higher than those offered by any of the modern gas filled window types.  And with the natural insulation that another layer can give you (think plastic sheets over the windows), residential films can make a bigger dent in the amount of energy traveling in and out through you windows.

Your choice in films can make a big difference in the effect on energy savings, as some films can actually store tons of heat, making the windows less efficient than they were before.  If you are wondering which film might be right for your home, check out the information on our site or more detailed information about the Hilite film, provided by Panorama.


Thanks from Blue Star Mothers and Ray Sands Glass

We wanted to share this letter that we recently received from the Blue Star Mothers of Rochester:

Blue Star Mothers salute Ray Sands

The Blue Star Mothers of America Inc., New York Chapter 1, would like to send a heartfelt “thank you” to Ray Sands Glass, both in Chili and Canandaigua, for their tremendous support.

The company has made us the beneficiary of funds that they raised with their project of having customers who came in for a repair of chips in their windshields make a donation to the Blue Star Mothers in lieu of payment. People were also encouraged to leave donations, which we then shipped to our deployed troops.

The funds enabled us to send Christmas trees and boxes to our soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to assist eight military families in need and get supplies for the Blue Star Canteen and the veterans who come there.

We are most grateful to Ray Sands and all the customers who gave so
generously. We can’t thank them enough.

Blessings on everyone.



We want to thank everyone who came in and made donations of both cash and goods, many of whom didn’t even need an auto glass service.  It’s good to know that with our combined efforts we were able to make a difference for a group that is so deserving of our help.

We are honored to work with the Blue Star Mothers to help a worthy cause – and we would like to salute all the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving our nation.  Our greatest thanks goes to you!