Aquapel. High-Tech Anti-Fog Windshield Treatment?

This time of year many people find themselves rushing out the door in the morning, only to see that their vehicle currently resembles an igloo with rear view mirrors.   Then one must choose which is the lesser of two evils: wasting gas and warming up the car, or standing in the cold and scraping away at all the windows – and usually do both.

Fortunately, there is another option!   Aquapel can help prevent ice and fog on your windshield from ever forming.  Since Aquapel chemically bonds to the glass, it lasts much longer than the typical silicone layer treatments like Rain X – so you aren’t stuck out in the cold trying to apply a product every few weeks.  If you apply your Aquapel now, it will last through the snowy months without streaking up from wipers and snow brushes.

Car makers are working hard to make a high tech ice prevention systems for future car models.  MotorTrend reports that VW is experimenting with an Indium Tin Oxide coating that would prevent fog and ice  by slowing the cooling of the glass.  But some of the issues with this type of coating are the fact that it’s functionality can be affected by a number of weather related variables, and it has also been found to interfere with the signal for the some of the technical devices that we use in our vehicle on a daily basis.

But there is no need to wait for auto makers to perfect and distribute this new high tech windshield coating – because you can order Aquapel online today.  If you order now, you might still catch a day warm enough to apply it!  If not, check out our winter Aquapel application tips.



3 Responses

  1. I have bought Aquapel from Ray Sands for a few years now and I can tell you that this stuff ROCKS! I cannot imagine having a car without it.

  2. That is awesome. I have never heard of Aquapel before, I’m definitely going to look into it now. Seems like you have one very satisfied customer with the comment above, I’ll be sure to look into it thanks

  3. Aquapel? Never heard of it. Thanks for the article.It has opened my eyes to another opportunity.

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