Help for Those Not “Home for the Holidays”

The Blue Star Mothers of Rochester is an organization working toward a cause that is truly near and dear to our hearts – bringing comfort to those who have served or are currently serving our country.  These are the mothers who put on a brave face through the heartbreak of having a loved one serving overseas – and set hard to work here at home, with very little financial help from government organizations.

This holiday season, the Blue Star Mothers could really use some help in bringing a bit of  Christmas to those who are unable to be with their families and friends.  They have a wish list on their website, of items that they desperately need to keep our troops comfortable while they live in a strange place, in these often harsh environments.   This year, the Mothers are working on a special Christmas package to bring home to those who can’t be home, which includes the tree and trimmings – with gifts to go underneath.  Any donations you wish to contribute can be brought to our Chili Ave. shop any time, as the Blue Star Mothers send care packages year round.

And of course, cash donations are always welcome.  When we first began working with the Blue Star Mothers, they had packages prepared and ready to go, but lacked the funds to get them to the troops.   Your help is so greatly appreciated by not only the Blue Star Mothers, but those sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives,  and brothers and sisters who are bravely risking their lives for our nation.

Have a Happy Holiday, and keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers!


Aquapel. High-Tech Anti-Fog Windshield Treatment?

This time of year many people find themselves rushing out the door in the morning, only to see that their vehicle currently resembles an igloo with rear view mirrors.   Then one must choose which is the lesser of two evils: wasting gas and warming up the car, or standing in the cold and scraping away at all the windows – and usually do both.

Fortunately, there is another option!   Aquapel can help prevent ice and fog on your windshield from ever forming.  Since Aquapel chemically bonds to the glass, it lasts much longer than the typical silicone layer treatments like Rain X – so you aren’t stuck out in the cold trying to apply a product every few weeks.  If you apply your Aquapel now, it will last through the snowy months without streaking up from wipers and snow brushes.

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