Advanced Safety Features – What Do You Think?

As the 2011 model cars are gleaming in showrooms and cruising the highway, many of us wonder about the new high-tech features that have come about recently.  With the competition quite tight in the auto market, many car makers started introducing increasingly advanced safety components on mid-priced new cars, many of them relying on electronic sensors.   But we have to wonder how new car owners feel about the new features available to them and how these components are helping (or irritating) drivers nationwide.

With several options available for sensor based systems in the 2011 cars, the type available to you depends mostly on which type of car you choose – as most types are make and model specific.   One of the more advanced systems is designed as a head-on crash prevention measure, with front facing radar that detects changes in speed and traffic patterns.  The system can then warn you of changes with an audio-visual alert, pre-charge the brakes, and even apply the brakes for you once you remove your foot from the accelerator.  These collision avoidance systems come with a variety of abilities – some of the high-end car models can even steer their way out of the accident.

One of the most popular radar based features are the blind spot detection systems offered by several different manufacturers, in both the radar and camera detection types.   These systems usually offer a visual alert in the side rear-view mirrors to alert the driver of the presence of a vehicle in their blind spot.   Even though these high-tech systems can alert us to the presence of an object in our blind spot, a simple small convex mirror (the same type used by big rigs) can give us a full view, at a fraction of the cost.

In conclusion, the question we offer to readers is:  How much of the driving do you want your car to do for you?


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  1. Maybe I am old fashioned, but give me a car that runs well and that is good enough. All these extra things are just stuff that can potentially go wrong and cost me money to fix.

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