Advanced Safety Features – What Do You Think?

As the 2011 model cars are gleaming in showrooms and cruising the highway, many of us wonder about the new high-tech features that have come about recently.  With the competition quite tight in the auto market, many car makers started introducing increasingly advanced safety components on mid-priced new cars, many of them relying on electronic sensors.   But we have to wonder how new car owners feel about the new features available to them and how these components are helping (or irritating) drivers nationwide.

With several options available for sensor based systems in the 2011 cars, the type available to you depends mostly on which type of car you choose – as most types are make and model specific.   One of the more advanced systems is designed as a head-on crash prevention measure, with front facing radar that detects changes in speed and traffic patterns.  The system can then warn you of changes with an audio-visual alert, pre-charge the brakes, and even apply the brakes for you once you remove your foot from the accelerator.  These collision avoidance systems come with a variety of abilities – some of the high-end car models can even steer their way out of the accident. Continue reading


Deals Glass of Charlotte – Quality Service in the South

Deals Glass Services of North Carolina, have long been industry friends of ours.   They share our sentiments regarding a serious commitment to quality in service and customer satisfaction.  They have built a reputation for excellence in the Charlotte and Lancaster areas in the same way that we have built up our company – by caring about their customers.

In this spirit, Deals has launched a new website, to make getting windshield replacement or residential glass repair easier than ever!   Along with their easy-access glass quote request form, there is information that helps drivers with damaged glass make informed decisions about what is best for their automobile.  It’s great to see another shop that is encouraging a greater knowledge about the value of OEM glass and top quality adhesives.

Deals Glass Services can provide customers in their North and South Carolina service area with many of the same services we provide here.   Deals does windshield repair and OEM auto glass replacement with the same types of top quality adhesives, installed by well trained, NGA certified technicians.

They also provide a similar residential window repair process, which can remove the fog that develops inside the glass due to seal failure.  And for those who have waited too long for the repair process to be feasible, Deals can replace just the glass in your home’s windows, saving you the cost and trouble of replacing the entire window.

We hope all our readers in the south will go check out the new website and find out what Deals can do for them – we’re sure they will do an excellent job!

Who’s Got the Glass You Need?

When a driver realizes that the damage to their windshield is more critical than the repair process can handle, they must, for their own safety have the windshield replaced.   The car owner must then decide which shop to have replace the glass, and what type of glass they want.   However, these choices are often one and the same.   Just as in many other fields, different shops specialize in different types of glass.

Many of the independently owned glass businesses with a brick and mortar location specialize in OEM replacement glass, or that made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  These are the companies working with auto makers during research and development to perfect the safety and aerodynamics of each make and model.  Aftermarket glass is made by attempting to copy glass made by the OEM company, without cooperation from the auto maker or the OEM glass manufacturer.

Safelite’s family of companies,  the largest glass manufacturer in the world,  makes no OEM glass.  It might seem incredible that despite Safelite making more glass than anyone else, not one auto maker, foreign or domestic, wants to buy that glass to put in their cars.  We think this speaks volumes about the quality of the aftermarket product these companies are installing in millions of cars per year.

At the other end of the glass pricing spectrum is dealer glass – this is OEM glass, with the auto maker’s logo stamped on it, instead of the glass company logo.  But most of the time, this different logo can be costly and unnecessary, since even leased vehicles can usually be returned without charge with an OEM windshield.

We do realize that on some higher end luxury vehicles, owners and dealers alike prefer to have the original logo.  For that reason Ray Sands Glass, and many other OEM installers, can often install “dealer” glass with the auto maker’s logo, provided by the same OEM manufacturer the dealer uses, on many higher end vehicles.   However,  dealer glass for most makes and models is generally reserved for the car enthusiasts who must have the auto logo stamped on their glass.

No matter what type of glass you choose for your vehicle, be sure to have it installed by certified and experienced technician who is using high quality adhesives and taking the proper safety precautions.