PPG Auto Glass is Now Pittsburgh Glass Works – Still OEM

People may be wondering why the logo on their OEM windshield looks a little different from that familiar PPG logo we know so well.  It’s because in 2008, the former PPG Auto Glass division was sold and became its own company – Pittsburgh Glass Works.  This has allowed the new majority ownership of PGW to focus specifically on auto glass production and their manufacturing facilities, while PPG explores its other interests.

PPG has always been a familiar name here in the northwest US, first as Pittsburgh Plate Glass – a business founded in the late 19th century, then as PPG Industries, a company far more diverse that just plate glass.  Having eagerly pursued their ventures in aerospace and industrial coatings, fiberglass, paints and other chemically engineered products,  PPG Industries had expanded so thoroughly that they found it in the best interest of both their auto glass manufacturing and their paint and coatings corporation to part ways.

With Pittsburgh Glass Works focusing completely on their glass manufacturing enterprise, there have been some great improvements made to their product and production.  They have seriously invested in updating their manufacturing facilities and production equipment, as well as their customer service software programming.

One of our favorite changes coming to fruition under the new company is the development of  auto glass that reduces the fuel consumption caused by over use of the air conditioner.  This new “greener glass” works on the principle that, if less heat that builds up in the car, it will take less energy to cool it.  We certainly appreciate that every little bit of conservation helps!

All in all, not much has changed that would affect the consumer – PGW still makes top quality OEM glass, and works with many different car makers to develop ideal fit and form for each make and model of automobile.   Since the transition, the only difference we have seen is a company more focused on auto glass – developments in technology as well as customer service.

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  1. Need new ppg windshield for 70 Caprice, 2 dr, ht. Can you inform me of a reasonable dealer around 90713?

    • If you are looking for a qualified glass professional outside of our service area, we know of few tools that could help:
      PGW (formally PPG) has a network of Prostar Retailers who are qualified and generally above board, and you can check their database by zip code on PGW’s website. Also, the NGA (National Glass Association) offer a similar tool within their site that allows you to find NGA Certified Technicians or even search for shops with an NGA Certified Master Technician.

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