Ten Grand in the Sand – A Big Hit

First, we have to thank all the great Rochester area folks for coming in for our contest event, and enjoying the lovely weather with us!  We had a great time thanks to you, and we hope you did, too.    We also want to give a big thank you to Jim Salmon and John Carr from 1180 WHAM radio for coming out to host the proceedings.

We had over 50 pre-registered contestants digging through the sand in hopes of finding the winning token.  With lots of families in attendance, this parking lot saw more bustling than it does on our busiest days!  Despite the fact that nobody won the $10,000 Grand Prize,  it really was a fabulous time rooting on our friends and customers.

Our big winner for the day was Annie, from the township of Holly – a lovely lady and a hometown gal, we were really glad to see her walk away with the consolation cash prize.    We wish her the best, as well as all our other Rochester friends who came down to the shop for some fun and excitement!

The Winner

Our Contest Winner

Looking for Ten Grand in the Sand

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