Protect Your Windshield with Clearplex Film

Windshield protection film is something a lot of people don’t even consider when it comes to protecting their investment in an automobile, mostly because they don’t know it exists.   Many drivers hear about windshield protection film at their local auto glass shop…after their windshield has been damaged.  And while replacing windshields is what keeps us in business, we hate to see our friends in the Rochester community spending money to correct preventable damage, and we don’t like having more non-recyclable waste glass to send to the landfill.

It may seem that a windshield protection product is most suitable for off road vehicles or high-end sports cars (which it is ideal for), but it’s becoming more popular with the general population – and for good reason.  Many of our Clearplex customers are lessees who plan on eventually returning their car to the dealership in good condition, or just those looking to preserve the resale value of their car.   When drivers encounter rocks and flying debris on the road, the impact is absorbed by the thick plastic layer and the glass underneath appears untouched.

Since Clearplex is a flexible plastic material,  it is more easily damaged than glass.  So while the windshield remains pristine after the impact, it doesn’t necessarily mean the protective film still looks great.  Fortunately Clearplex removal is very simple “pick and peel” process  (the way hopeful thinkers envision wallpaper coming down when they plan on removing it), so damaged film can easily be removed and replaced.   But without a severe impact or undue stress, such as running the wipers on a dry windshield, Clearplex can remain on the windshield untarnished for a few years.

Windshield protection film isn’t just preserving the glass, but the inside of the car as well, with a UV shield that safeguards the interior, and keeps it a little cooler on those hot summer days.  And no need for law abiding New Yorkers to worry about the legality of a film covering the windshield, since Clearplex adds no color or tinting, it is completely legal in all fifty states.   We can only hope that the more people find out about this product, the more popular it becomes and we will begin to see less windshields fall victim to irreparable damage.

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  1. Wow, that Clearplex film sounds like a wonderful idea. I know a while back I had a good sized rock shoot up from the truck in front of me and shot a nice crack all across my windshield. Wish I would have had that film on it to spare me the hassle of getting it replaced. This is something I’m definitely going to have to look into. Thanks for the info!

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