The Best Auto Glass for the Best Windshield Replacement

Everyone one knows that the best fit for any car’s windshield is the original glass that was installed when the car was manufactured.  Since life happens, it’s often not an option to keep the automobile’s original glass.  Fortunately, there is a best alternative – replacement glass made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM Glass.

Many people don’t realize that when auto makers are designing and testing vehicles, the OEM glass manufacturers are intrinsically involved in the entire process.  OEM glass companies such as PPG, Carlite and Pilkington  go through the research and development process of each automobile with the maker.    And while some aftermarket glass companies make a decent quality product, it most often isn’t a product that has been crash tested in your vehicle.  While OEM companies are working with auto makers to meet their exact safety and stress specifications, aftermarket companies are only required to meet a basic standard.  

Ray Sands Glass has seen our fair share of customers who need another windshield replacement due to problems with their aftermarket glass.  Sometimes there are problems with clarity or distortion, which can affect the driver’s ability to see clearly.  But we have also seen issues concerning the fit, rigidity or curvature, which can impact not only aesthetics, but the structural integrity of the passenger cabin.  In this case, the aftermarket companies know just enough to be dangerous.

While there can often be a considerable difference in cost between OEM and aftermarket glass, this doesn’t make much of a difference to many car owners.  When an auto glass customer is insured, their insurance company pays the glass installation company one flat rate to replace the glass.   Whether or not you get OEM glass generally depends on the shop you choose, and the difference in cost goes into the shop’s pocket – not the customer’s.

The best way for car owners facing an auto glass replacement to ensure they get the best windshield for their car, is to choose a glass shop with integrity that uses only OEM auto glass.


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