Rochester and the Great Toyota Crisis

Ray Sands Glass wants to acknowledge a few of our Rochester area independent Toyota dealers, who have gone above and beyond their obligations, addressing the  recent recall in a quick and efficient manner to ensure the security of their customers.

With Toyota executives receiving nothing but bad press lately, it can be hard for consumers to separate the behavior of the corporate management from the local independent dealers and the product they promote.  Toyota has a longstanding reputation as an excellent and reliable automobile and we would hate to see this automaker fall the way of so many others recently.

Thankfully, a few of our local Toyota dealerships have really stepped forward, to show customers their true dedication to the service they provide to this community. Vanderstyne Toyota of Rochester and LeBrun Toyota of Canandaigua have both impressed, with the accommodations  they have made to make the recall and subsequent repairs as smooth as possible for Toyota owners.

Both of the independent owners of these dealerships reached into their own pockets to advertise instructions for the recalled models and extend their hours and make sure that every worried customer had the information and repairs needed immediately.   With service departments running from predawn hours to late in the night,  and owners and employees working overtime, this recall was no easier on the Toyota dealers than it was on Toyota drivers.

We thoroughly believe that Toyota has always made great vehicles, and they still do.  We can only hope that those steadfast Toyota loyalists will remain as devoted as the independent dealers have been for them.


2 Responses

  1. I agree so strongly with the Toyota article. The way our system of business works–if you do a good job and serve your customers–you will have loyal people, ready to stand behind your product.

  2. That is what every business owner should take into consideration. The business should not be all about the sales but on the after sales as well just like what you did in order o get the trust of present and future customers.

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