Headlight Restoration Lights Up the Night

Many car owners have noticed that over time their headlights seem lose their original brightness and clarity.  This dulling is essentially a road rash on the plastic lenses of the headlight – the salt, sand, dirt and gravel that one encounters on the road effectively sandblasting the plastic lens.  These abrasions, as well as some oxidation of the plastic combine, and actually block light being emitted from the headlight bulb.   Aside from replacing the headlight lens, which can be an expensive ordeal, headlight restoration is really the only way to eliminate the problem.

Ray Sands Glass uses a three step process to remove the damaged outer surface, polish the lens, and most importantly, seal the restored surface against further damage. First, we would tape off the nearby painted areas of the car for protection from the process.  When removing the damage, we wet sand with three different grit of sandpaper to remove the whitened surface and basically buff the headlight smooth.   Then we apply a special polishing compound manufactured specifically for plastics, which is what puts the luster and shine back into the lens.

We then apply a protective sealant to preserve the newly refurbished headlight lens.  The problem that home headlight restorers face, and even some other shops, is that restoration kits don’t come with a proper sealant, which means the damage will recur quickly.  The sealant is really the key to longevity for a newly restored headlight.

Once the process is complete, the difference is like night and day, giving the driver exponentially greater night visibility.  Since headlight degradation happens so slowly many drivers don’t realized how much of the light emitted by their headlight is blocked by a dulled lens until after the restoration process.  This is especially true for Chrysler model cars, since in addition to the dulling and whitening of the plastic, Chrysler headlight lenses tend to yellow over time.

No matter the make or model, call or visit our website to find out how headlight restoration can shed a little light on those dark nights.


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