Auto Glass in Chili NY – A Brief History

Ray Sands Glass has been an enthusiastic member of the Rochester community for almost as long as anyone can remember.  Though the shop came from meager beginnings,  we have been fortunate to be able to build up our business with the support of the community we love.

Ray Sands began the company in the late 1940’s when he bought one of the first homes after the war and began auto glass work out of an old converted school bus which he parked next to his home near the Chili/Rochester border.   By 1961 Ray Sands was able to build the first auto glass shop at 3320 Chili Ave which was a simple one door garage that was two cars deep.

Since Ray Sands was working mostly with flat glass in those days (even in cars)  he simply needed a place to store the bus which he used as his mobile glass shop – actually cutting the windshields on site.   In 1983 the business was purchased by two handsome young brothers from a local Rochester family.

When Dave and Frank Burns took over at the Chili Avenue location they were operating the glass shop out of this same small garage.  Having very little room to work with modern curved windshields, the Brothers Burns built a new shop on the site in 1990 which they continued to add on to throughout the early 90’s as the business continued to expand.   But due to the loyal patronage of the Chili and Rochester communities, by 1996 the shop had taken up all available room on the property but still required more space to operate.

Dave and Frank  then purchased the property across the street at 3315 Chili Ave where they immediately added on a 7000 square foot repair area in the back.  They moved their headquarters to the new building and expanded the office space as well, adding wheelchair ramps and an executive office space.

Ray Sands Glass continues to operate their main office at this location, as well as several satellite locations in the Rochester area.  Thanks Chili, for helping us become what we are today!

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