Insured Are “In Good Hands”

It seems lately that about half the TV commercials and print ads are encouraging us to change our insurance company.   Most are familiar with the idea that we can compare prices from many different providers online or over the phone.  But many times the difference is really only a few dollars…annually.  How is one to know exactly what they will be getting when filing a claim.

As an auto repair company that works with insurance companies on a daily basis, we have gained some insight into how each provider treats their customers and the repair shops that do the work.  While there are a few that stand out among the crowd, one has made some recent changes that make the claims process and repairs easier on the customer.

Ray Sands Glass wants to give a big thanks to Allstate Insurance for taking big steps to ensure top quality and customer service to their insured.  So many insurance companies are focused on saving themselves a few dollars that they forego any effort toward  customer satisfaction when it comes time to file a claim.

Allstate has extended their company’s online availability by giving customers access to online claims filing  and bill pay capabilities.  But the biggest turn around is internal, they took a hard look at the kind of service the customers are receiving from the shops to whom Allstate is paying the claims.

They have carefully evaluated the services provided by shops and have given higher preference to shops with higher quality service.  By taking a look at how the repair service provider is working with their customers,  Allstate can ensure their client an easy claims process in another aspect.

It’s refreshing to see an insurance provider move their focus from price point to customer satisfaction.  Cheers to Allstate from those of us in the business of providing top quality service!


One Response

  1. Regarding auto insurance.
    Prior to changing carriers.
    Look on google for any complaints about the company you are considering.
    Also the positive features .
    In my area companies are advertising at a high rate.
    How much of the premium is spent on advertising?

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