Choosing an Insurer, The Shop’s Point of View

Auto Insurance is big business, and now more than ever consumers are doing some serious shopping around when it comes to choosing an insurance company.  One thing that everyone is looking for is polite and courteous treatment by the company’s agents.   All companies are at their best when you’re calling around to shop for rates, but what will happen when you have a problem?  The best place to ask this question is at your local auto repair shop, since no other group of  people spend more time dealing with insurance companies and filing claims.

Business ethics and adaptability are two of the things that tend to make an insurance company stand out to a repair shop.   The insurer should show flexibility, not only in setting up your plan, but also when it comes time to file a claim.   Good insurance companies are usually willing to work with the repair shop chosen by the customer, while some others will steer their customer to their own chosen shop – sometimes even out of town.

When your insurer is a local agent, instead of an internet form you have a big advantage when you have damage to your vehicle.  Not only does that agent have years of experience, he or she probably has a good relationship with shops in your area – which always make the entire claim process much easier.   And it’s always nice to have a face you recognize at a time when many drivers are quite shaken up and sometimes injured.

If your current insurer has any practices that make you uneasy you should switch before you have to count on them for help – the claims process rarely makes one feel any better.  And if the company has frequent legal disputes, it can be a sign that they aren’t settling claims fairly.

We can’t close this post without mentioning that Ray Sands Glass has had particularly great experiences with Allstate, State Farm, Travelers and some of the smaller state and local insurance agencies as well.

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  1. Great read! No one ever wants to be on the losing end of an insurance claim. Finding the right insurer means everything when you want to protect your car.

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