Removing Tough Stuff From Your Glass

Got stickers on your mirror or windows?  Old bumper stickers on the rear windshield or side windows?  Ten year old tape on the kid’s windows?

When adhesives and tough gunk gets stuck on glass, people can do some serious damage trying to remove it.  We hate to see that red faced customer who tried to remove bugs from the windshield with steel wool or took a sticker off a window with an old razor.  We know that paying for replacement glass can be all the more painful when you have no one to blame but yourself.

So how should stickers be removed from glass?  A razor isn’t necessarily a bad idea for getting things off of flat glass but it has to be a brand new razor. If it’s been used at all or has been lying around in a cabinet, it could have nicks in it that aren’t visible, but will leave some very visible permanent marks on your glass.

And when using a razor on any glass you have to use some type of fluid (and lots of it) to keep it wet, whether it be household glass cleaner or just plain vinegar water.  And always make sure to keep the razor at a low angle to keep it from sticking and scraping the glass.

When it comes to tough gunk or bugs on the windshield, you could use a razor, but take extra caution and pay attention to the curvature of the windshield.  Then once you have all the bugs and grime off the windshield you should apply Aquapel to avoid the same problem in the future.  Aquapel keeps the bugs from sticking  the same way it keeps the water rolling off the windshield.


One Response

  1. You may want to consider using vegetable cooking oil on old stickers. Rub them gently with the vegetable oil and this help dissolve the glue and you should be able to get rid of it without using a blade. Should you need to use a blade, usit with the vegetable iol. This will prevent to scratch the glass.

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