NY State Police Now Required to Note Cell Phone Use

As all New Yorkers know, it is illegal state wide to use your phone while driving, except for hands free devices.  But yesterday NY State Senate passed a law requiring all police to note whether a cell phone was in use at the time of the accident.  The intention of this law is to allow the state to collect data on the dangers of cell phone use while driving, but it may end up making a difference in the liability of drivers in accidents. Continue reading


Replacing Antique and Classic Car Auto Glass

With the sun showing it’s face, many classic car enthusiasts are rushing to get their most precious antique in mint condition before spring arrives.  Often though, owners have damaged glass that is keeping their fine specimen of an automobile from looking it’s best.

Any number of things can go wrong when you are talking about glass that is 40,60 sometimes 80 years old.  Some of these cars have been through a dozen owners and inevitably someone along the line has scratched the glass.  From body work accidents to old belt moldings to someone cleaning it with steel wool, rarely does a car make it five decades without glass damage.  Sometimes age can even cause the glass to delaminate, where the inner and outer layers of glass separate from the polyvinyl laminate layer that holds them together, which is quite unsightly. Continue reading