Ray Sands Glass is the People’s Choice – For the 7th Year

Our local Rochester newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle, runs a poll every year to get reader’s opinions on their favorite local businesses.  And we are proud to announce that Ray Sands Glass has won the People’s Choice Award for the 7th consecutive year.

It is really an honor for our shop to be chosen by our community as the favorite glass shop, year after year.  Even more so, because it isn’t a ballot style poll, businesses are written in by the readers – a true people’s choice.

The Democrat and Chronicle goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity of the contest.  Since the first year, when they were overwhelmed with ballots, they have hired a independent specialty company to handle the balloting process and monitor for dishonest practices for which businesses can be disqualified.

With over 30,000 ballots turned in this year, it’s great to know that Rochester appreciates Ray Sands Glass, as much as we appreciate all the loyal and friendly customers in our community.

Thank You Rochester!



Winter Application of Aquapel Rain and Ice Repellent

We already know that Aquapel makes it a lot easier to remove ice and snow from your windshield.  But PPG, the makers of Aquapel, specifically requires that this product be applied between the temperatures of 50 and 80F.  Which for most of us northerners means that unless you applied Aquapel in September, you’re out of luck now.  But just leave it to our customers to get creative and find a way to get things done.

We should start out by saying that 50F degrees is a rather conservative number,  as long as the air temp is a safe distance from freezing you shouldn’t have a problem.  But even with a somewhat warm (for New Yorkers) air temperature, you still have to make sure that the glass to which you are applying the product is warm enough.

Usually this can be accomplished by turning on the car and running the defroster for a few minutes.  But our customers have shared some very interesting methods for achieving this result.  We have heard of some folks using the hair dryer to warm the outside of the glass while the defroster runs inside.  One customer even applied Aquapel to his car in sub-freezing temperatures by putting the car in the garage and laying an electric blanket over the windows.

While we can’t say we officially recommend these methods, they are  a great example of creativity in the face of adverse conditions.  So fear not, Aquapel fans!  You don’t have to put that application up until next year,  just be prepared to pounce when conditions are right.