Thanks to All Who Participated in Strive to Survive

Ray Sands Glass in their employees would like to send out a special thanks to all the folks in our community who helped with the Strive to Survive Fundraiser for Thomas Hill.

The fundraiser was a complete success with the help of all those who donated items to be auctioned as well as the time donated by all.  We were able to raise over $8000 for Tommy and his family through the Strive to Survive Fundraiser with the help and determination of the Rochester community.

For those who aren’t farmiliar with his story, Tommy is a gentleman from the Walworth area in Wayne County who has unfortunately been fighting melanoma.  He and his wife and children are currently going back and forth from Bethesda, Maryland to seek further treatment to help him in his battle.  The  cancer has now spread to his brain but Tommy and his family will not give up hope, and they are willing to fight to beat the odds.

Those interested in donating to Thomas Hill and his family can do so via pay pal or credit card by visiting our site at the link above, or contacting Patty Heagle at

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