Residential and Decorative Glass – Customer Reviews

Just wanted to share some of the really nice letters we have gotten from some customers we did work for over the summer.

I would like to send along appreciation for the installation of the “Aspen” decorative glass for our front door…  Not only does the product look good in its setting, but it conveys the light through the door while offering privacy.

Further, the installers, Tony and Chris, were friendly and congenial as well as doing an excellent job.

Good product, good service; hope you have success with this product line.

– Daniel

Ray Sands Glass:

Thank you for the expert work on our solar room glass.  We are very happy with the results.  We called several businesses that specialize in solar rooms and no one would even come to our home to give an estimate.  They said that if they didn’t originally install it, they wouldn’t come out.  Your company did and the end product is exceptional.

I want to particularly thank Jesse and Gary who worked diligently and made the difficult work look easy.  They left the paneled areas shining clean.  I would highly recommend Jesse and Gary for any job that I needed in glass repair.

Thanks again for a job which was better than “well done”.

– Darla and Mike

And thanks to Daniel, Darla and Mike – we always appreciate feedback from customers.  If you have had auto glass, residential glass or decorative glass services from Ray Sands Glass, please let us know about your experience.  Customer reviews are what help us keep on top of our service standards,  which is what makes us the top glass service company in the Rochester area.


“Get the Fog Out” of Thermopane Windows at Home

Almost every home has windows with thermopane glass, at least those with windows installed after 1975, which is great for home insulation – but thermopane glass has it’s problems just like any other part of your home.  The most common problem is that moisture gets in between the layers of glass through a small failure in the seal, which causes the window to have a foggy appearance.

This happens to even the best of residential windows after 10 to 15 years, whether a result of sunlight or temperature changes or both.  Especially in the Rochester, NY area where we have icy winters with heat on indoors, and steamy summers with the central air blasting.  With two glass panels alternately expanding in the heat and contracting in the cold, one can imagine the wear and tear this puts on the seal between them.

Ray Sands Glass is now certified to provide “Get the Fog Out”, a repair service developed by Crystal Clear Window Works that can return the window to its original clarity.   This process saves homeowners the time, expense and pain of replacing residential windows, and also cuts down on waste by restoring the glass already in the window.

We do this by drilling holes in opposite corners of the foggy glass panel and using a chemical process, we dry out the excess moisture and refurbish the interior glass surfaces.  Then, in the two cornor holes we install two unique patented valves, one called a sieve valve and what is basically a one-way valve.  The valves allow the pressure and heat to act upon the window in a controlled manner, allowing the insulated glass unit to expel moisture naturally.

However, not every permanently foggy window is eligible for this type of repair.  When homeowners wait too long to have the damage repaired, the moisture stains and damages the glass to the point that the foggy appearance cannot be removed.  White or opaque coloring in the glass or a mottling on the glass are good indicators that you have waited too long, but the best way to know if the glass can be saved is to have a certified trained professional come look at it.

The best time to repair a permafogged window is as soon as you notice the damage. But just because you have stalled too long for one window doesn’t mean you can’t save the rest.  Since it seems that when one or two window seals fail, the rest are soon to follow, it is usually wise to look at a preventative repair.  Ray Sands Glass offers a maintenance program, we just drill the windows and install the valves and it prevents the window seals from failing.  And whether you get a repair or preventative maintenance, we offer a 20 year warranty on all windows with valves installed.

So not only is the “Get the Fog Out” method relatively painless (we do most jobs from the outside) but also environmentally friendly.  You save your old window from the landfill and save the energy required to manufacture a new window.

Check out Deals Glass Blog for information about replacing thermopane windows in the Charlotte NC area.