RainX – From Wipers to Tires

  Ray Sands Glass has held the long standing position that Aquapel is the top quality product of it’s kind – and we still think so.  But due to our nation’s current economic situation, top quality isn’t always the priority.  It seems most people are thinking more along the line of “top value” these days.

   Whenever considering a large purchase, I always ask the salesperson “Which is the best value?”, because I don’t want the cheapest, but I don’t need the very best – with all the bells and whistles.  But it seems lately this applies just as much to our small purchases – such as a windshield rain repellent.  For that reason Ray Sands Glass will now also carry a line of products from Rain-X in addition to our stock of Aquapel.    

  Another great thing about adding Rain-X products to our lineup, is that they actually make a wide variety of products for all parts of the auto.  We will be carrying Rain-X Glass treatment (spray and wipes), Rain-X glass cleaner and Rain-X anti-fog.  But the Rain-X company makes many other popular  products such as Black Magic Tire Wet, Blue Coral High Foam Car Wash and Westley’s Bleche-Wite Tire Cleaner.  Most people probably have at least one Rain-X product in their garage right now.

 One of the most popular products that we will be picking up is the Rain-X windshield wiper blades.  They are a high performance product and are currently the nations top selling windshield wiper blade.  Rain-X wiper blades are snow and ice resistant and adaptable to be installed on any vehicle.  They have a curved structure and are made with top quality materials, designed for maximum visibility in all weather.  It’s no wonder they are a top seller, and definitely a product that could be considered a best value.

   We are very excited to be taking on a whole new spectrum of auto maintenance products, especially ones that have such a good name in the industry.  So feel free to comment if anyone has any tips, tricks or opinions on these new products – we appreciate the feedback.


3 Responses

  1. Would you still recommend Rain-X wiper blades as the best to use in conjunction with Aquapel?

  2. Absolutely, as far as performance Rain-X wipers are head and shoulders above the rest. After all that’s what makes them the top selling wiper blade nationwide. I don’t think it could get any better than Aquapel Windshield Treatment and Rain-X Wiper Blades.

  3. As a first responder volunteer on our local fire dept. I also wanted the best. I paid 49.00 for the rain-x wiper blades. Within 3 months the end cap had come off one side, and the blade seperated in the middle. On the other side I could not get it to “lock” on. When I returned to the dealer who had sold it to me, I was advised that there was NO warranty. I had to buy another set, and this time I chose non-expensive Anco, as at least I could afford to replace them. Now I just add a repel treatment to my windshield washer fluid and call it good.

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