Benefits of Decorative Door Glass

  In the current housing market many people are having a hard time selling their homes, especially in neighborhoods where other similar homes are for sale.  Homeowners are often looking for a way to set their home apart from the others in their neighborhood.  But this can be a difficult and expensive project, especially for those looking to gain “curb appeal”.

   But we have found one of the simplest, most cost effective ways to achieve this is simply adding or changing the door glass to something that will stand apart from the other homes in the neighborhood.  Ray Sands Glass has recently started working with Western Reflections, a company that manufactures top quality decorative door glass.  This partnership allows us to provide a wide variety of high quality decorative glass while putting to work our experience with all types of glass, also adding to the services we can provide to the Rochester area.    

  The best part about installing new decorative door glass is that we don’t even need to replace the door.  We can cut a solid door and replace the steel panels with a glass panel or, if there is a pre-existing hole, we can simply bolt in the new decorative panel.  Even an ambitious do-it-yourself-er with a jigsaw and measuring tape could install new decorative glass in a ‘builder’s grade’ steel door.  And whether you choose a half moon window at top, a 1/4 panel window or a full size, top to bottom glass panel – it’s usually a one day job. 

  Western Reflections carries a wide selection of products to suit different needs.  There are glass panels of all size and types of design –  from simple elegant lines to ornately embellished patterns.  There are also panels with shades or blinds enclosed in triple pane glass that raise, lower and tilt with a small switch on the side.  Because of the triple insulation, they are not only exceptionally energy efficient, but also protected from dust, handling and accidental damage.

   Whether looking for a simple quarter panel on the front door or a full entrance makeover with transom and sidelights there is something for every taste and budget.  The entrance to a home is a prospective buyer’s first impression and decorative glass is an excellent way to differentiate your home from others in your neighborhood.


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