Rochester’s Insurers Benefit from Continuing Education at Ray Sands Glass

  Ray Sands Glass was excited to participate in teaching the Continuing Education courses for Insurers in 2007.  This program allows insurers to keep their licensing current, and really learn things they can apply to their every day business.  Many of the courses are helping the insurers understand some of the safety issues that can help them save lives, as well as things they need to know about repairs, shops, and fraud.  

  To become a Certified Continuing Education Instructor, our Dave Burns had to go through a rigorous training himself.  He was screened by the FBI and had state and local background checks, then was sent to a three day working seminar.  “It was a very, very intense training process”  Burns said “We trained 12 to 13 hours a day and studied all night.”  Not only did potential instructors have to memorize the 4 hour class,  they also had to teach a course, which was videotaped and evaluated before certification.

  The State of New York also issued him a Continuing Education Teaching license as well as a monitoring license to monitor those who want to take the continuing education courses online.  We also offer a host of online services available to those who want to take the classroom Continuing Education courses at a greatly reduced rate.

  We cover a variety of topics, with the longest, most in-depth courses being “Windshield Replacement” and “Windshield Repair” -naturally.  But one of the most valuable to the upcoming years is the class that teaches the ins and outs of Hybrid and Electric vehicles, the new generation of cars.  And we have a course on “Vehicle Inspection” to let them know the sure signs that a vehicle just isn’t right. 

   But we also cover other issues that are really necessary for insurance agents to keep up with, although they may not be the day to day things, such as our “Theft and Fraud” course.  In this class we tell them about how cars are stolen and run through “chop shops” and auto theft rings.

  We are excited to add the Continuing Education courses to the broad spectrum of auto services that Ray Sands Glass can provide to our community. 


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