Aquapel Review from Pleased Customer

We received this message from a customer who was recently in the shop for a windshield replacement and had Aquapel applied as an afterthought.

I just wanted to let you know that the salesman that talked me into
the Aquapel treatment when I had my windshield replaced awhile ago, may
have saved my life.  About a week after I had the treatment I was on 390 in
a blinding rain storm.  Somehow a twig got stuck under my windshield wiper
so the wiper couldn’t touch the windshield.  Because I had the Aquapel on
the window the rain rolled right off and I was able to see where I was
going.  Without that treatment I would have had a real problem!  That was
the best investment I ever made!
Thank you,

We always love to hear from our customers and readers about what they think of our products and services.  So if you have used Aquapel, Clearplex, or any other Madico films – Please let us know what you think.  Visit our website to Buy Aquapel Glass Treatment Online

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