Decorative Door Glass

We are excited to announce that Ray Sands Glass will now be offering decorative glass door lights, transoms, side lights and decorative windows.  We have partnered up with PPG Auto Glass and Western Reflections a company the specializes in the manufacturing of superior decorative glass.  This partnership between other small glass shops and a large manufacturer of high quality decorative glass allows Ray Sands Glass to provide its customers with a high quality product at competitive prices.

  This comes at a great time – when the real estate market has taken a hard hit and people are really looking for creative way to make their home stand out.  Nothing is as lasting as the first impression and decorative glass can really make a striking entrance to a home.  The natural light and designs – from elaborate floral to simple patterns – can add an air of elegance to any home.  The decorative windows can be designed to match any door light, and are a beautiful way to update the old glass block windows while still allowing natural light in and retaining privacy.

 When most people have a problem with broken or cracked door glass, they really don’t know where to turn, and often assume they will have to replace the whole door.  We can actually repair some door glass or even custom cut a new decorative pane in an old door frame, saving time and money. 

You can view the variety of designs available through the Interactive Gallery on the Western Reflection website.   There is something to suit every taste, and it is a quick, easy and affordable way to update your home and really add a touch of class.


2 Responses

  1. I Have an old door I would like to put new deco glas in. you would have to cut hole aqnd instal new glass. The door is round topped and is old 1939 wood door. Help.

  2. Unfortunatly the Western Reflections Glass cannot be installed in a wood door. Wood has too much give and too much fluctuation with the weather, which can cause big problems for the decorative glass panels. if it were a steel door we could cut it and install the glass without a problem. Sorry we couldn’t help you out.

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