Greater Rochester Home Show

 Ray Sands Glass is excited to announce that we will also be participating in the Greater Rochester Home Show at the end of this month.  This is always a huge event, with dozens of local businesses exhibiting all their home related products and services.  There are displays for everything from interior design to outdoor recreation, and every type of home improvement.

  We will have an exhibit set up featuring all the products and services we have available for homeowners.  One of the services that always generates a lot of interest at the home shows is our residential window tinting.  Our top of the line Madico films can lower energy bills by blocking 100% of UV light, and help keep heat from escaping through windows in the winter.  It also helps protect your valuable personal belongings from the harmful effects of the sun, preventing UV damage to your rugs, fabrics, art and furniture.  The other added benefit of the energy savings is a 10% tax rebate from the federal government.

  There are many more options for residential tinting than the traditional mirror tint used on office buildings.  Many newer films are virtually invisible from the outside, ideal for neighborhoods with strict guidelines regarding the outward appearance of the home or anyone who wants a more discreet look.  The films can also hold shattered glass together in the event of a natural  or man-made disaster or even an intruder.

  We offer other exterior residential products, such as storm windows and garage door windows which both help the energy efficiency of your home, an increasingly important issue at this this year’s home show. 

  Of course we will be displaying one of our favorite all around products – Aquapel.  Not only is PPG Aquapel great for auto windshields, it has a few residential uses too.  It can be used on exterior windows to make them easier to clean, and when it rains water beads up without streaking.  Aquapel is also exceptional at fending off the soap scum and hard water film as well as mildew growth on your glass shower doors.  Just squeegee after every shower and you never have to scrub it again.

   The  Greater Rochester Home Show will be at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, 123 E Main St.  Hours and Admissions are as follows:

Greater Rochester Home Show Hours: 

  Fri. Mar 28th,  10am-9pm
   Sat. Mar 29th,  10am-9pm
   Sun. Mar 30th,  10am-6pm

2008 Rochester Home Show Admissions:

Adults – $8.00
Children 6-12 – $2.00
Children under 6 – Free


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