Don’t Put Your Feet Up and Relax

  With the nice weather coming drivers and passengers are dreaming of rolling down the windows with their sunglasses on, the wind in their hair, feet on the dash.  But not so fast.  Putting your feet up on the dash can turn and minor collision into a life threatening situation. 

    When the airbag opens up, it does so with quite a bit of force.  This force can break your spine in the blink of an eye causing paralysis and even death.  It only takes a minor collision to set off most airbags – about 10 to 15 mph, and even at that speed there is no time to react.  It is crucial to your safety that driver and passengers remain seated in the proper position, with safety belts.

  I found a few other Auto Accident Safety Tips and an article about a woman paralyzed in an accident that she might have walked away from, had she not had her feet on the dashboard at the time.

   So enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and drive safely!


How Much Do You Know About Paintless Dent Repair?

  While paintless dent repair has always been popular with dealers and auctions, many consumers still go to the body shop when they get a large dent.  But paintless dent repair is much more budget friendly and often times a lot faster than traditional body work, because we use a completely different process.  Instead of the sanding, spraying and welding used in traditional body work, we use tools of various shapes and sizes to reshape the dent from the inside out.

  This is why experience is the most important factor in choosing the shop and technician to perform your paintless dent repair.  This type of dent repair is much more of an art than a science.  Different makes, models and years of cars are made of different body materials in a range of thickness and strength.  All those things and the location of the dent on the car factor into which tools you would use as well as angle, force and placement of the tools. Continue reading

Greater Rochester Home Show

 Ray Sands Glass is excited to announce that we will also be participating in the Greater Rochester Home Show at the end of this month.  This is always a huge event, with dozens of local businesses exhibiting all their home related products and services.  There are displays for everything from interior design to outdoor recreation, and every type of home improvement.

  We will have an exhibit set up featuring all the products and services we have available for homeowners.  One of the services that always generates a lot of interest at the home shows is our residential window tinting.  Our top of the line Madico films can lower energy bills by blocking 100% of UV light, and help keep heat from escaping through windows in the winter.  It also helps protect your valuable personal belongings from the harmful effects of the sun, preventing UV damage to your rugs, fabrics, art and furniture.  The other added benefit of the energy savings is a 10% tax rebate from the federal government. Continue reading