Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting Film is a product that has really gotten a bad name in the past, so a lot of people don’t even consider it.  When most of us think of window tinting on buildings we think of the type used on office buildings and skyscrapers  that give them that mirrored appearance during the day.

The old residential window film had a very reflective, metallized look to it, so understandably lots of private communities and condos don’t allow it.  But with new films there is no “mirror effect” at all and they can be almost colorless so they’re virtually invisible. 

Similar to auto and office films, residential films block UV rays from the sun to keep AC bills down and help preserves surfaces and fabrics in the home.  These films are great for skylights, you can apply a light colored film and you still have the beautiful sunlight without the UV rays heating up the house.  Residential film also helps prevent heat loss through the windows by 20 percent.  You also get a 10 percent tax rebate back from the federal government.

And with the new higher quality films there are a lot more options for residential tinting.  There are security films, privacy films and even hurricane films that can withstand an amazing amount of force – Madico’s video demonstration is awesome.

All the Madico films that we carry provide a clear view to the outside and UV protection – whether you choose colorless, tinted or mirrored.  And they save you money in the summer, the winter and at tax time.

Find out about Residential Window Tinting in Charlotte, NC

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