How to Destroy Your Own Auto Glass

  Some people don’t understand the importance of using a good ice scraper or just letting the defroster do it’s work.  So instead of reiterating that lesson I thought I would talk today about some of the creative ways people think of to damage or destroy their windshields.

  One of the most frequent issues we see is when some one has lost an ice scraper and decides to look for the closest substitute – a pop can (or a shoe or a hammer). Not a good idea.  Another bad idea we see a lot is scraping with a credit card, most credit cards have sharp edges that can scratch the glass, you can even damage the strip on your credit card, too. 

  We even had a woman come in and complain that we had put a scratched up windshield in her car.  As we discussed the problem, I noticed a gorgeous diamond ring on her left hand.  I asked her if she happened to be left handed and wear knit gloves, which she confirmed.  She looked a bit curious until I asked if she cleared her windshield with her hands – then her eyes got as big as saucers.   She was astonished to realize that she had done all the damage herself.

 In New York we see a lot of ice damage to the windshields, not caused by the thick ice we see here, but by how people try to remove it.  We have even seen people who tried to remove the ice with hot water which causes something called thermal expansion.  Thermal expansion happens when one of the layers on the windshield expands more that the others due to extreme temperature change. 

    One thing that can really help prevent the ice in the first place is Aquapel.  It is a phobic material that prevents any water or ice from sticking to the windshield, and that makes clearing it a whole lot easier.   But the main rule is that everyone needs a good ice scraper, it isn’t much of an investment but it can save you a lot.

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