ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film

We have carried Clearplex for a while now and it is really a great product – I really thought it was going to take off as soon as it came out.  I guess more people don’t come in for ClearPlex because they don’t know about it.

It is a windshield protection film, similar to tinting film but with very little color differential.  It still blocks UV light, keeping the car much cooler and protecting the interior materials from drying and fading. However, unlike window tinting film it is applied on the outside of the windshield.

    The main function of ClearPlex is to protect the windshield from rock chips and road debris.  Objects that would have chipped or cracked an untreated windshield leave only a small pin point scar on the film of a  treated with ClearPlex film.  It can also prevent what we call “road rash” – small chips, nicks and scratches that you can’t really fix or take care of once it happens.  This can happen to any kind of vehicle that is logging a lot of miles.

   I would recommend this for any vehicle that is on the road a lot, especially the highway.  It can be especially useful for semi-trailer trucks, buses, municipality vehicles and construction equipment, where there would be a lot of dust and debris flying around.  Clearplex is also great for leased vehicles – when it is time to return the vehicle, you remove the film and the windshield underneath is pristine.  I would say it is excellent product if you just want to preserve the windshield on a nice car or truck.

   Another advantage of ClearPlex is that it has a high bubble angle, which means rain and snow don’t stick as well, the water flies off the windshield similar to hte results you would see from Aquapel or RainX.  But you have to remember it is a plastic you shouldn’t really run the windshield wipers without any moisture on the windshield and you have to have a good quality ice scraper or you could scratch the material


6 Responses

  1. I’m interested in becoming an installer of Clearplex.

  2. To become a Clearplex Film installer you must first have a good relationship with Madico. I would assume Madico probably a looks for a longstanding dealer of their films – and a shop with a good reputation.
    I know they only offer the film to certain shops in certain areas that they feel are qualified to not only apply it properly but market the film as well. And Clearplex is a product that definitly requires a lot of skill to work with – it isn’t like tint film – so overall it is a very exclusive product.

  3. I just called clearplex and they can sell the product directly. Plus they have a process to certify my shop. We do the tinting for fleets. Our customers are looking for a product to reduce their annual glass costs. I’m excited for my kit to arrive.

  4. Dear Sir,
    We are looking for Car Windows protective films easy to use to protect the interior upholstery of the car by applying the film on the exterior windscreen , we have such harsh sun heats in The Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia we also have sand storms that damage the vehicles paint and headlamps as well as wind screen .
    If you have such protective films we would like to know the prices per rolls ,colors, roll length and width and if any other products or extras ,,
    We are looking to get an exclusive right for distribution in our market if it is available please send us you draft contract to review.
    Our head office is located in Saudi Arabia Jeddah
    P.OBOX101026 Zip 21311 Tel 966551266909 fAX 96626687424 Email
    Your prompt replay is appreciated ASAP.
    Nabeel Hamza

  5. I have had ClearPlex on my vehicle for several months now and I am pretty happy with it so far. Due to several snow storms this winter, I have been using my windshield wipers more than usual and I seem to be getting some scratches in the ClearPlex – presumably from all of the salt and other abrasives on the road. Do you have any suggestions for protecting the ClearPlex? I assume using something like Aquapel would not be a good idea?


    • Danny,

      We have seen this type of wear and tear on Clearplex many times, but frankly, it’s unavoidable. Since the Clearplex is made to be a protector for the glass, no one has really come up with a way to protect the protective film. This is one of the downfalls of using plastic on the front of the car – the reason manufacturers don’t make plastic windshields (…yet) and the reason headlights dull over time – plastic scratches easily.
      While the reps from Madico told us that both Aquapel and RainX are compatible with Clearplex film, they won’t necessarily protect it, and we wouldn’t recommend it.

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