Window tinting

 Tinting the windows on your car has a lot of benefits when it is done right, but out on the road you see just about as many bad tint jobs as you do good ones.  One of the main problems is cheap dyed film, nobody will ever get a good, lasting tint job from cheap film.  It will either bubble up or turn purple, sometimes within just a few months of having the tinting film applied. 

 The better films are made with more advanced techniques which preserve the color, and better adhesives to prevent bubbling. We get a lot of customers in to have old purple film removed and replaced with a film that has a lifetime guarantee.

    In the state of New York we have very strict tint laws so even with all the great new choices in advanced window films, there are very few that are legal here.  A respectable shop will always be honest with the customer and abide by state laws, only installing films that are legal in that state.  But even with fewer choices, high quality window tinting has more benefits than making your car or truck look cool from the outside.

   It keeps you and your  interior safe from about 99% of UV rays, preventing fading or discoloring and keeping temperatures down even in high sun exposure.  Tinting reduces glare from sun and snow, improving the driver’s visibility.  Films can even hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident – or a “smash and grab” theft.  However most people come in for one of two reasons – to protect their privacy and items in the car or just to look good.



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