How to Destroy Your Own Auto Glass

  Some people don’t understand the importance of using a good ice scraper or just letting the defroster do it’s work.  So instead of reiterating that lesson I thought I would talk today about some of the creative ways people think of to damage or destroy their windshields.

  One of the most frequent issues we see is when some one has lost an ice scraper and decides to look for the closest substitute – a pop can (or a shoe or a hammer). Not a good idea.  Another bad idea we see a lot is scraping with a credit card, most credit cards have sharp edges that can scratch the glass, you can even damage the strip on your credit card, too.  Continue reading


ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film

We have carried Clearplex for a while now and it is really a great product – I really thought it was going to take off as soon as it came out.  I guess more people don’t come in for ClearPlex because they don’t know about it.

It is a windshield protection film, similar to tinting film but with very little color differential.  It still blocks UV light, keeping the car much cooler and protecting the interior materials from drying and fading. However, unlike window tinting film it is applied on the outside of the windshield. Continue reading

Window tinting

 Tinting the windows on your car has a lot of benefits when it is done right, but out on the road you see just about as many bad tint jobs as you do good ones.  One of the main problems is cheap dyed film, nobody will ever get a good, lasting tint job from cheap film.  It will either bubble up or turn purple, sometimes within just a few months of having the tinting film applied. 

 The better films are made with more advanced techniques which preserve the color, and better adhesives to prevent bubbling. We get a lot of customers in to have old purple film removed and replaced with a film that has a lifetime guarantee. Continue reading