Windshield Replacement Safe Drive-away Time

The auto glass industry uses a term “Safe drive-away time”. What exactly does this industry buzzword mean? Usually it is referring to the cure time of the installation materials, or that the urethane has cured to 500 psi, the “acceptable” drive-away widely approved by the industry.

In reality, according to most manufacturers, safe drive-away really means the urethane has cured completely in the car. Most states dictate that the vehicle should be returned to pre-malfunctioning condition before the customer leaves, which means “full cure.”

Several years ago there were stories circulating about how some of the urethane used on vehicles manufactured in Detroit during late Winter did not fully cure until late Spring. While this may have been a problem several years ago, nowadays regardless of the season, nearly all products will completely cure in less than three hours. And in most cases these newer installation materials cure in just one hour.

In the auto glass industry our customers want the fastest service possible. However, when it comes to maintaining a safe standard, it isn’t the safest practice to let the customer drive away before the urethane has completely set.

Trust your auto glass repair or windshield replacement to trained and certified professionals that not only know the right way to do things, but also practice it! Before leaving your car to be fixed – ask about the recommended “Safe Drive-away time” on your vehicle.

Ray Sands Glass is a full service auto glass repair and windshield replacement retail center serving the greater Rochester, NY area and surrounding communities. We also offer window tinting, residential glass, mirrors, plexi-glass and Aquapel Winshield treatment.

Check out this article for more information about Auto Glass Safety.


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  1. I had my windshield repaired at a smaller place cause I thought it would save me a few dollars. What a huge mistake! I ended up getting some horrible repair done that cost me more in the long run as I had replace it again within the year. I dont think the windshield had the proper time to cure, or it just wasn’t installed properly . Definitely learned my lesson, not soemthing worth cheeping out on!

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