Windshield Safety Issues

When looking to have your windshield repaired or replaced, everyone wants to feel confident they have chosen the best auto glass and the best installers for their job. But how does someone who is not in the industry tell a good auto glass shop from a bad one and even more importantly, how do you know if the installer is qualified to do the work?

First, a membership with AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards) or NGA (National Glass Association) speaks volumes for the owner’s commitment to the industry and you – the customer. It guarantees you that the installers have met strict specifications and have been held to them. Auto Glass Shops that are members of these associations are kept up to date on new processes and technological updates in auto glass and sealants.

Glass shops that aren’t as committed to the business have been known to mix urethanes and use cheaper, older tools – anything to save a buck!

OEM Glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer) typically provides the best fit for any vehicle and the highest quality. Why? Because the manufacturers of OEM glass are current in their technology and the design changes that can improve the structural integrity of the glass for vehicle manufacturers they supply auto glass to.

Some aftermarket auto glass manufacturers have dramatically improved the quality of the glass they are providing, even so, it tends not to be of the same quality an OEM will provide. As a consumer, don’t settle for lesser quality? Challenge the auto glass shop to provide you with a quality product and a quality service.



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