Aquapel Windshield Rain Repellent Treatment gets rave reviews. . .

For several years now we have carried Aquapel, a windshield rain repellent treatment. We have applied it to hundreds of cars, trucks and vans and sold thousands of the single applications to happy customers around the world.

Many of our customers have tried other products, most often they have used RainX, and hands down we repeatedly get positive feedback on how much better Aquapel works, and how much longer it lasts. In the Rochester NY area we all know that now is the time to prepare our vehicles for the coming months of snow, and snow… and usually some more snow. New windshield wipers combined with an application of Aquapel can make your winter time commutes to and from work much easier.

Recently one of our internet customers writes:

From the sheriff’s department in Dayton Ohio. . . “The County’s mechanics started applying Aquapel on our cruiser windshields last year. Prior to that, they didn’t use anything on the glass. I’ve used Rain-X for years on my personal vehicles and cruisers’ windshields. I couldn’t believe how well Aquapel performed and how long Aquapel lasted compared with Rain-X.Good-bye, Rain-X….. Hello, Aquapel.”

For more information about the benefits of Aquapel visit

7 Responses

  1. Aquapel really is as good as you said it is. However, since glass is very porous , and if you recently performed a chip repair on the windshield. One of The ingredients in resin is acid. The windshield will actually absorb the acid in the resin filling the microscopic pours of the glass. Aquapel works by actually filling the microscopic pours in the glass giving it the characteristics that make it work as well as it does. After a windshield repair most people use windex or some type of amonia based cleaner that will not remove the dried resin from the pours of the glass. That particular area of the windshield when applying Aquapel will not work very well. I’ve done a couple of tests, what I found that works the best before you apply Aquapel is to wax just the area that was subjected to the resin using scratch-X by Meguiar’s, and then using an amonia based cleaner to remove the wax from the windshield. Then applying the Aquapel, giving it back its full affect.

  2. I have tried this product on my Honda Accord, and I love it. I was unsure at the time of my purchase but I figured I would give it a try. What a surprise. It works wonders, and sometimes when it is raining I don’t even need my wipers.
    Thank you Ray Sands.

  3. This stuff is great. I originally used Rain X but hated the smudges and streaks in the sun. I happened across this product and was hesitant upon purchasing because of the price. I took the leap of faith and bought 4 applications. This is so easy to apply and take off I was so amazed. First time it rained the water just beaded off. 5 months later, still beads. Now my wife’s car, my car and my parents car all get the Auqapel treatment. It’s great to find a product the does what it says. Ray Sands has the best price around on this product also.

  4. After using Rain X for years thought I would give Aquapel a shot. Immediately it was apparent that this was a superior product to lives up to its name. I was so impressed I gave the product as gifts to relatives and friends.

    I now get a clear view through side and rear windows when backing up. No more fear or 19 wheeler’s drenching my windshield.

    thanks Ray Sands.

  5. Having recently applied Aquapel to a windshield, I can only comment that it really works and does indeed improve visibility in all conditions. I drive 60000 – 70000 kilometers per year, and in all weather conditions. I have recommended Aquapel to my colleagues and they have come to the same conclusion that I have.

    Great product and well worth the price, which is in fact quite reasonable.


  6. Will it work on motorcycle windshields and helmet visors?

    • Aquapel is not to be used on any plastics, it will actually cloud up and destroy the plastic surface.

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